PowlVac®️ Switchgear

PowlVac switchgear designs combine circuit breaker and switchgear structures that are completely designed and fabricated by Powell using the highest quality components and workmanship.

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Standard Construction

Our PowlVac switchgear product combines circuit breakers and switchgear structures that are completely designed and fabricated by Powell. The highest quality components are utilized to ensure product reliability and durability. Structure and circuit breakers are designed in accordance with all applicable ANSI, NEMA, and IEEE standards.

  • Available in one-high and two-high construction
  • Indoor NEMA-1 or outdoor NEMA-3R designs
  • 1200A through 4000A main bus ratings
  • Up to 63kA maximum fault Interrupting
  • UL and CSA label

Arc Resistant Construction

Ideal for use when operators work in close proximity to the switchgear, our arc-resistant circuit breakers and switchgear are designed to withstand an internal arcing fault, keep personnel safe, and minimize damage to surrounding equipment.

  • 5kV to 38kV applications
  • Type 1, Type 2B and Type 2C designs available
  • Meets ANSI 37.20.2 and C37.20.7 design standards

Narrow Design Construction

PowlVac-ND is a space-saving alternative to Powell's standard metal-clad switchgear construction. Its smaller width and depth reduces floor space and can directly replicate the footprint of older air-magnetic switchgear.

  • 26 inches in width with minimum depth of 74 inches for 5kV
  • 36 inches in width with a minimum depth of 104 inches for 27kV
  • Up to 50kAIC rating for narrow design construction

PowlVac 38kV Switchgear

PowlVac 38kV switchgear was first introduced in 1995. The structure/breaker combination has been fully qualified by KEMA for 40kA interrupting duty and back-to-back capacitor switching. Powell's 38kV switchgear is available in standard design and arc resistant construction.

  • Space efficient design
  • Suitable for system operating voltages at 27kV or 38kV
  • 1200-3000 Main bus rating
  • Silver plated tubular copper main bus

On-Board Racking

Breaker Test Cabinet

Breaker Lift Truck

Ground and Test Device

Remote Racking Device

Options & Accessories

Powell offers a variety of options and accessories for our PowlVac switchgear to optimize safety and maintenance.

  • On-Board racking
  • Breaker test cabinets
  • Breaker lift trucks
  • Ground and Test devices
  • Remote racking
  • Thermal & Equipment Health monitoring