Digital Solutions & Automation

Powell's Automation Division (PAD) is an industry leader in the design, configuration and implementation of power system integration solutions. Integration and Power System services include:

  • Load Flow Studies
  • Short Circuit Analysis
  • Protection Settings
  • Transfer, Load Shed, and Paralleling control schemes

PowlSmart Intelligent Devices

Powell offers a complete suite of condition monitoring products and systems for LV, MV and HV power system applications. The four main critical system health attributes to any electrical system include thermal, insulation, environmental and mechanical reliability. Powell's Condition Based Monitoring systems oversee all four of these critical elements.

PowlSmart™️ Intelligent Device Solutions

Powell System Asset Management

Power System Asset Management is delivered through Powell's enterprise software system. This allows for the monitoring of the health of the assets to enable accurate, informed, and planned decisions to service affected equipment prior to an unscheduled outage or system operation negatively impacting the facilities processes. All elements of the power system are accessed through a Powell designated HMI which houses the views and functionality of the asset in a convenient single platform. SCADA function and system health all rolled into one system - 'SCADA-H'.

Asset Management Software Solutions