Powell's EPiC Service Solution is a step above traditional component level field service, field modifications and life extension. Our mission is to be your go-to provider for every aspect of your electrical distribution system needs. From Engineering services providing conceptual design to Procurement and supply of ancillary equipment, Integration of all required resources to accomplish Construction and Start-Up services.

Utilizing Powell's experience in power system design, contracting, procurement, logistics, and site commissioning and start-up provides a single-source supplier partner from start to finish.

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Conceptual Engineering Design

Power System Analysis

Relay Coordination

Project Procurement Services

Electrical Equipment Site Demolition Services


Lifting and Setting In-Place of Electrical Equipment

Site Commissioning and Start-Up


Powell offers a full line of engineering services, including conceptual design, power system studies, protective relaying, detailed electrical design and interconnect configuration designs for the most complex electrical power distribution applications.

  • Front-end conceptual engineering
  • Detailed design engineering
  • Power system studies and relay coordination studies
  • Power system analysis and electrical load calculations
  • Detailed building layout designs

Project Procurement Services

Powell has been creating and maintaining secure supply chain relationships to offer our customers with access to virtually any product or service their project may require.

  • Secure supply chain
  • Long-standing vendor relationships
  • Dedicated strategic sourcing department


Today's electrical power systems utilize complex relaying schemes and devices, along with other intelligent devices that are capable of communicating large amounts of data. This data can be used to monitor/control your complete power distribution network and provide critical real-time information on the 'health' of your equipment. Powell has the resources and knowledge to fully integrate these complex communication systems and automate your complete power system, using any type of device specified, including Powell's own suite of intelligent devices.

Custom subscription plans using downloaded data can be developed to perform system analysis, equipment health monitoring, and overall supervision of your power system to help plan for condition based maintenance measures - reducing costly downtime and lost production.

  • Device neutral design model for power system monitoring and control
  • Utilize Powell's line of intelligent devices to provide continuous monitoring of system 'health'
  • Let Powell develop a custom subscription service to be your 'eyes and ears' and alert you to potential issues before a critical failure occurs


Powell construction services are complementary to our engineering, manufacturing, and procurement services. We offer on-site construction and construction management services for all equipment installation associated with the power delivery system.

  • Removal of electrical distribution equipment
  • Lifting and setting of electrical distribution equipment
  • External control and power cable terminations
  • Site supervision and management