Power/Vac®️ Circuit Breakers

The new Power/Vac series of circuit breakers has been tested to the latest ANSI C37.06-2009 standard. They are UL listed, KEMA tested, and utilize the proven ML-17 operating mechanism. The reliability of Power/Vac has been demonstrated by its proven ability to handle 63kA high interrupting duty.

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5kV and 15kV Power/Vac Circuit Breakers

Wholly owned and manufactured by Powell, the Power/Vac breaker has a proven track record of reliability and dependability in a wide variety of applications, including commercial, utility, renewable, or industrial applications.

  • 5kV and 15kV applications
  • Current ratings from 1200 amp to 4000 amp
  • Interrupting ratings up to 63kAIC
  • On-board racking now available on all Power/Vac breakers
  • OEM Offerings

On-Board Racking

Breaker Test Cabinet

PowerVac Ground and Test Device

Options and Accessories

Powell offers a variety of options and accessories for our Power/Vac circuit breakers

  • On-board racking
  • Remote racking
  • Breaker test cabinets
  • Breaker lift trucks
  • Ground and Test devices