Powell can offer a variety of 480V MCC manufacturers to meet your project needs and specifications. For our MV MCC offering, we provide a Powell-built structure utilizing an Eaton™️ draw-out contactor or an Allen-Bradley™️ fixed-mounted contactor.

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600V Class Motor Control Centers

Low-voltage motor control centers present unique challenges, but Powell is up to them all. We offer a variety of 480V MCC manufacturers to choose from. We can procure your MCC as a complete buy-out component or utilize our custom design option that allows Powell to handle all engineering, assembly, and final inspections at our factory prior to shipment.

  • Full buy-out options from a variety of established MCC manufacturers
  • Customized MCC designs, by Powell, available
  • Contact us to discuss your needs

FlexTrol™ Medium Voltage Motor Control

Powell's FlexTrol MV MCC product utilizes a common design platform to incorporate either Eaton™️ draw-out or Allen-Bradley™️ fixed-mounted contactors in the same cubicle design. We offer two-high 400A contactor and one-high 800A contactor designs. Our common design platform can be standard design or arc-resistant construction at operating voltages of 5kV and 7.2kV.

  • Universal design platform that accommodates Eaton draw-out or Allen-Bradley fixed-mounted contactors
  • Arc Resistant and Non Arc Resistant construction available
  • Two-high 400 amp and One-high 800 amp designs
  • Available in FVNR, FVR, FVC, RVAT and SSRV design configurations
  • Utilizes Powell's patent pending Arc-Link™ technology