ANSI Metal-Clad Switchgear

Our medium voltage PowlVac® and Power/Vac® Metal-Clad Switchgear are completely designed and fabricated by Powell. The range of voltage and current ratings are the most comprehensive in the industry, and all equipment is tested to applicable ANSI, NEMA, and IEEE standards.

  • Downstream Refining and Petrochemical Facilities
  • Upstream Offshore and Onshore Production
  • Midstream and Pipeline Terminals
  • Power Generation and T&D Infrastructure
  • Paralleling Switchgear Applications
  • Renewables

PowlVac Switchgear

The PowlVac product line holds a reputation for reliability and durability for any application in any environment. PowlVac meets the requirements customers expect and withstands the most difficult conditions to keep your system up and running.

  • 5kV - 38kV nominal voltage ratings
  • 1200A - 4000A main bus ratings
  • Standard and Arc Resistant designs
  • OEM Offerings
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Power/Vac Switchgear

Powell acquired the Power/Vac product line in 2006. Today, all Power/Vac switchgear and circuit breakers are manufactured at our factory in Houston, Texas, where we continue to innovate and improve on its legacy.

  • 5kV and 15kV applications
  • 1200A - 4000A main bus ratings
  • Indoor NEMA-1 and outdoor NEMA-3R designs
  • OEM Offerings
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PowlVac Circuit Breakers

PowlVac circuit breakers have a proven history of stable design for high reliability and ease of maintenance.

  • 5kV - 38kV applications
  • Interrupting ratings up to 63kAIC
  • Breaker mounted racking mechanism
  • On-board racking available
  • OEM Offerings
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Power/Vac Circuit Breakers

Owned by Powell since 2006, Power/Vac breakers greatly simplify maintenance and training.

  • Manufactured by Powell in Houston, Texas USA
  • 5kV and 15kV applications
  • On-Board racking feature now available on all Power/Vac breakers
  • OEM Offerings
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