1947: Powell Manufacturing Company is founded by William E. Powell, in Houston, Texas.

1968: Powell develops the Power Control Room (PCR) concept for a project in Ponce, Puerto Rico for the Union Carbide Company.

A 75 year legacy and a bright future.

Powell was founded in 1947 as a metal-working shop to support the local Houston, Texas petrochemical facilities. While we began small, the company has grown to become the strategic supplier of choice for highly complex and integrated systems for the distribution and control of electrical energy and other critical processes.

Today, Powell is a global operation, focusing on the future of electrical infrastructure through innovative technologies developed by our people for our customers.

Powered By Safety™️

Powell has a strong commitment to protect people, the environment, and company resources while providing our customized and engineered solutions in a sustainable manner. This approach delivers quality for our customers, protects the health of our employees, increases shareholder value and supports the communities we serve.

Community Involvement

Powell has a strong commitment to support the community volunteer efforts of our employees. At Powell, our social purpose is our employees' social purpose. We reward and recognize our Community Champions, and invite all Powell employees to get involved in the community causes that matter to them!

Our Core Values

Customers First...Our Lifeblood

Our customers represent our current success and remain vital to our future growth. Valued relationships drive Powell's behavior, generating our product and service innovations. Powell is a customer-focused company that respects, listens to and serves our customers. This attitude contributes to world-class system solutions that set new industry standards. Powell's core business model revolves around responding quickly to customer needs. Customer satisfaction is the focal point that guides our daily actions. Powell aims to strengthen relationships with all levels of our customers' organizations.

Respect for Employees...Our Heart

We achieve more than we can imagine through hard work, cooperation and dedication of our great people. Powell employees convey the voice of the customer throughout our company. Their passion ignites our ability to innovate and create system solutions. Our expertise and capabilities reside with each dedicated individual who collectively form the Powell team. We serve and respect each other from top to bottom. Customer perception of Powell starts as they walk through our doors. So it is imperative we take pride in our facilities, appearance and daily actions.

"Can-Do" Attitude...Drives Our Success

Our can-do spirit symbolizes who we are -- a world class manufacturer that embraces complexity through custom-engineered solutions. We view daily challenges as opportunities to excel. We don’t pass the buck -- we solve problems. Powell's collaborative style generates solutions, not stalemates or barriers to satisfying our clients. Our collective goal is to “make it right” for our customers. Hard work, teamwork and passion epitomize the Powell way while creating an invigorating atmosphere. We are different from our competition. We respect their capabilities, but take pride in our consistent ability to outperform them.

Commitment to Improve...Our Strength

Powell's commitment to continually improve our single-source philosophy is steadfast. Our success in achieving continued improvement has kept competitors from duplicating our proven model. We love to innovate and this maverick spirt has produced world class products, services, processes and safety solutions. Powell's Commitment To Improve continues to be the primary catalyst for Powell's growth. Our valued suppliers are partners in this effort. We are proud of our past and confident in who we are. Our past performance is a sound foundation for our future growth.