Integrated Packaged Solutions

Powell has an integrated electrical and automation package solution to meet any installation, environment, or application: onshore power control rooms and e-houses, offshore power distribution modules, cost-efficient protected aisle enclosures, and mobile power distribution solutions. They're all designed and built to withstand the most challenging conditions and offer the greatest degree of operational efficiency.

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Power Control Rooms (PCR)®️

Introduced in 1968, Powell's power control rooms still set the benchmark for reliability and performance. Offering seamless integration with all equipment fully installed and functionally tested prior to shipping to the job site, these turnkey solutions maximize efficiencies and provide the single-source responsibility complex projects require.

  • Interlocking panel design on a structural skid base
  • Insulated walls, ceiling, and base, designed for site-specific seismic requirements
  • Single-piece or multi-split designs
  • Shipped fully integrated with power and control interconnects installed
  • Building/energy code compliant (when specified)


Like our PCR offering, Powell's E-House provides a sensible alternative to on-site construction. Designed to your specific requirements, they arrive at your job site fully integrated, tested, and ready to install on elevated piers or foundation.

  • Rigid frame construction on a structural steel skid
  • Enhanced insulation utilizing pre-insulated panels
  • Single-piece or multi-split solutions
  • Factory tested in accordance with the latest UL, IEEE, CSA, and NEMA standards

Custom Engineered Modules

Specialized power module designs for offshore applications require experience and capacity. For over 30 years, Powell has been the preferred supplier of custom engineered, complex, multi-story power modules and control rooms for unique applications and extreme environments.

  • Constructed at Powell's 64-acre Jacintoport facility located along the Houston Ship Channel
  • Custom solutions for any need or environment
  • Specialized construction and coating capabilities
  • Custom fire ratings as specified
  • Your single-source solution from purchase order to shipment

Traction Power Substations

In 1992 Powell entered the traction power substation market with the delivery of innovative solutions and marking us as a leader in the industry. We have traction power equipment in major systems in North America and around the world. Powell can provide completely integrated systems for traction electrification power or specific equipment as needed, all custom-engineered to meet your specifications.

  • Fully integrated AC and DC distribution equipment in a single control room
  • Incorporates special design features unique to traction power applications
  • Shipped to your jobsite ready for hook-up and installation

Power Control Aisle (PCA)™️ Protected Aisle Enclosures

Power Control Aisle (PCA) offers an economical solution to provide an environmentally controlled enclosure for your critical power equipment. Primarily offered as an economical NEMA-3R enclosure for our Power/Vac product, PCA can also be used as a general NEMA-3R enclosure for other critical systems and power distribution equipment. We can ship the product fully assembled or in a flat-pack for assembly in the field.

  • Formed steel panel construction
  • Structural base optional
  • Interior insulation optional
  • Shipped fully assembled or in flat-pack form for field assembly

Power Control Aisle - Plus (PCA+)™️ General purpose NEMA-3R enclosures

Designed for customers that require additional environmental control and increased R values, Power Control Aisle Plus provides an economical alternative to a full Power Control Room assembly.

  • NEMA-3R compliant construction
  • High density insulation for increased R values
  • Structural skid with bottom lifting lugs

Mobile Substations

A perfect solution for temporary power distribution, Powell's mobile substation solutions offer a versatile way to quickly deploy and distribute power. Applicable to a wide range of industrial applications, our mobile substation designs can be used in the utility market for emergency power or in conjunction with mobile turbine power generation systems. They offer complete portability utilizing trailer mounted equipment, fully wired and integrated within an environmentally control enclosure.

  • Portable electrical distribution system designed for easy deployment and set-up
  • Reliable power distribution when and where you need it
  • Equipment enclosures utilizes Powell PCR interlocking panel construction mounted on a flat-bed trailer
  • Applicable for ANSI or IEC equipment applications