Bus Systems

Powell is the premier designer and manufacturer of bus systems in the United States. Our markets include utilities, co-generation, light/heavy industrial, and commercial. Our range of bus system products include:

  • Cable bus
  • Non-Segregated phase bus duct
  • Iso-Phase bus duct
  • Segregated phase bus duct
  • DC duct

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Cable Bus

Cable bus consists of a metal enclosure containing fully insulated copper or aluminum cable conductors. Support blocks maintain cable spacing slightly greater than two cable diameters between centers to achieve maximum operating current for each cable.

  • Voltage levels up to 38,000 volts
  • Current levels up to 5,000 amps
  • CSA certified to C22.2 #27 and C22.2 #201
  • UL approved for equipment grounding

Non-Segregated Phase Bus Duct

Non-Segregated Phase Bus Duct is available for voltages from 600 through 38,000 volts with ampere ratings up to 8000 amps.

  • Fire-rated wall penetrations
  • UL-approved designs
  • IEEE, IEC, and CSA compliant
  • Seismic certifications available

Isolated Phase Bus Duct

Isolated Phase Bus Duct primarily serves the utility and co-generation markets for direct connection of large power generators or transformers and other large electrical apparatus. The design provides excellent reliability and maximum protection for the generator and other connected equipment.

  • 600A - 42kA
  • Voltage levels up to 38kV
  • 110 through 150kV (BIL) ratings