DC Switchgear and Power Rectifiers

Powell's DC Switchgear, DC Breakers, and Rectifiers are commonly used in light rail and transit applications, but also in other markets where DC power and power conversion is required. Our capabilities include incorporating AC switchgear and DC switchgear into integrated power conversion systems capable of providing reliable power systems for all your DC power distribution requirements.

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DC Switchgear

Powell's DC Switchgear product is engineered and built entirely by Powell, providing a reliable product with proven technology for a wide range of applications.

  • Designed and Tested to IEEE C37.14.2002, IEEE C37.16.2000, IEEE 693-2005, and IEEE C37.20.1:2002
  • Current ratings from 4000 amp to 8000 amp
  • Voltage ratings from 800VDC to 1600VDC

DC Breakers

Powell utilizes the Brush™️ type NDC High-Speed circuit breaker in all of our DC switchgear designs and applications. Building on the 80-year track record of DC breaker design, this breaker and switchgear solution offers optimal safety and high-speed performance you require.

  • Proven breaker technology with minimal maintenance
  • Service life design to exceed 30 years
  • Compact design concept with high-speed operation
  • Fully bi-directional current interruption

Semiconductor Rectifiers

Powell is a leading manufacturer of rectifiers for the transit industry. Our silicon diode semiconductor rectifiers set the standard for traction power applications.

  • Silicon Diode, Thyristor Control units available
  • Duty cycles available: Medium, Heavy, and Extra-Heavy
  • Single or Parallel operation
  • Adaptable for use in Electrolyzer designs for the production of clean hydrogen

DC Breaker Remote Racking Device

Designed to minimize danger to operating personnel, the NDC remote racking device uses the existing cubicle control voltage (125VDC) for power and allows the operator to be 25-feet away from the 'arc zone' during breaker racking operations.

  • Internal torque limiter
  • Momentary push-button operation
  • Remote control station with indicating lights and 25-foot cord
  • Retrofit kits and installation available for existing installations