High Resistance Grounding

High Resistance Grounding (HRG) can add the safety of a grounded system while minimizing the risk of service interruptions due to grounds, providing maximum continuity of service. Powell's High Resistance Ground systems are available for both 600V and 5kV systems. Units can be constructed as stand-alone cubicles or installed integral to low voltage or medium voltage switchgear.

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600V Class High Resistance Grounding Assemblies

The Powell Ground Protect Plus™ can be purchased as a complete free-standing unit, wall mount or incorporated as an integral part of your low voltage switchgear or motor control center. Either way you are assured of the highest degree of protection from the damage an unlimited ground fault can cause and the possible arc flash hazards created when common ground faults go undetected.

  • Increase Safety for Equipment and Personnel
  • Reduce Potential for Equipment Damage
  • Lower Equipment Downtime
  • Quickly locate ground fault source

5kV Class High Resistance Grounding Assemblies

Available in a stand-alone cubicle or mounted integral to your 5kV switchgear line-up, Powell's Ground-Gard high resistance grounding equipment utilizes an analog design with resistors, grounding transformers, meter relay and controls, to provide a reliable high resistance ground fault detection system for power distribution system.

  • Stand alone or mounted integral to 5kV switchgear line-up
  • UL label available
  • 2400V and 4160V applications
  • Delta or Wye configurations available