About Us

​Powell was founded in 1947 as a metal-working shop to support the local Houston, Texas petrochemical facilities. While we began small, the company has grown over the past six decades to become the strategic supplier of choice for highly complex and integrated systems for distribution and control of electrical energy and other critical processes. A complete description of the markets served by Powell is available.

Today, the firm is headquartered in Houston, Texas and has locations in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Our customers include engineering-construction firms and end-users in the oil and gas, electric utility, transportation and other heavy industries. Our products and services include metal-clad switchgear, metal-enclosed switchgear, motor control, bus duct, utility switches, integrated electrical equipment enclosures, offshore modules, control and monitoring systems, energy management systems, and process control systems-- plus a very large variety of support services including installation and commissioning, spare parts, switchgear life extension, replacement circuit breakers, project management, and field support.

Company Profile

Powered by Safety®

​Powell is driven by safety. With our custom-engineered solutions, we provide a safer working environment for our customers, who must operate and maintain the equipment we provide. With our product development efforts, we push the envelope of what is possible. Powell is an innovator and industry leader in bringing safety-related features to our customers. This has been true for virtually the entire period of our existence. At Powell we know and understand the concerns of engineers, operators, maintenance technicians, employees, and suppliers.

Powell Company Values

Customers First

We are a customer-focused company that respects and listens to our clients. It is this attitude that shapes our relationships and allows us to provide the world-class system solutions that set new industry standards and make Powell the supplier of choice. Understanding the customer and cultivating that connection at levels of our organization is of primary importance.
Respect for Our Employees
We achieve our success through the hard work and devotion of people that work for the Company. It is our employees that convey the voice of the customer throughout the Company and it is their passion that ignites our ability to innovate and solve the complex problems brought to us by our customers.
"Can-Do" Attitude
Our "can-do" spirit symbolizes who we are; a world-class producer that embraces complexity through our custom-engineered solutions. We view challenges as opportunities to excel. Our nature is to "make it right" for our customers.
Commitment to Improve
Our commitment to continually improve our technical expertise, our product designs, and our processes is the basis for our drive to perform. It is our catalyst for growth and we are proud of our past and confident in who we are. Our past performance is the sound foundation upon which we build our future.