Valve Servicing and Solutions
  • The Powell valve servicing group is able to assist in managing shutdown and planned/unplanned maintenance scenarios depending on your requirements and time constraints. Powell’s 24/7 support ensures that our customer's needs are being met 365 days a year.
    Our large valve technician base can provide support on all valve projects - large or small. Whether your requirements are in-house or on-site, Powell is dedicated to guaranteeing that your turnaround, maintenance cycle or emergency is done safely, efficiently, on schedule and in a cost effective manner. At Powell, we guarantee all valves are serviced in accordance with OEM Specifications.

    • ​24 Hour Shop or Field Service
    • Fully- Equipped and Trained Personnel
    • Valve Exchange and Rental Programs
    • Complete Self-Contained Mobile PRV Unit
    • On-site or In-house Servicing
    • ISO, COR, CanQual, ComplyWorks, PICS, ISNetworld and ABSA Certified

    Our full service valve shops provide major and minor repairs to all types of industrial ANSI/API valves. All ANSI/API Valves are tested and must meet or exceed OEM specifications. In addition to OEM specifications, we will accommodate to ensure all additional client requirements are met.
    Our valve facilities also provide servicing to all types of pressure relieving devices. At Powell, all PSV/PRVs are tested and re-certified to meet OEM Specifications.
    Mobile PRV
    Mobile PRV Units are essentially state-of-the-art valve shops on wheels and are completely independent of plant services. At your request, we will bring our unit to your site to complete your scheduled PSV turnaround, testing, commissioning and servicing on location, eliminating logistic and timing issues.
    Field Service
    Field servicing should be completed as part of any preventive maintenance program. It will minimize unexpected downtime and costly repairs, and increase production and the overall life expectancy of the wellhead and pipeline valves. Additionally, Powell can help winterize your valves so they are prepared for inclement weather.
    Machining services are used primarily for re-facing various end connections. These services are also used for the polishing of internal components of most industrial valves, trimming changes on new OEM product, and manufacturing of ANSI/API stems as per OEM specifications.

  • Powell’s specialized team is trained and experienced in working with all major OEM’s valves.  Our breadth of services begins during the Construction phase of your project where we can:

    • Confirm the alignment and orientation of your critical process valves
    • Test and commission your pressure safety valves
    • Grease and winterize all moving components

  • It is critical for all valves to work safely and consistently whether static or dynamic in their operational requirements. Integrating large and sophisticated systems requires significant investment by our customers.  To ensure the longevity of these systems, Powell offers onsite predictive and preventative maintenance programs.  Our Technicians tag, test and track performance of all valves within your process.  With such tools as volatile organic compound detectors and inline pressure relief valve operators, Powell can rectify problem areas before failures occur.  Non-critical issues are tagged and concerns documented so they can be addressed during the next major shutdown.
    Powell can then provide mobile valve service vehicles to repair and recertify the majority of problems onsite, with ANSI/API support being provided by one of our major service centers.

  • Our valve servicing facilities are strategically located throughout Alberta, Canada to provide you with the most convenient and proficient service. Powell’s valve technicians and front end staff are expertly trained to manage all of your project requirements and ensure your valves are certified to their applicable standards.
    We take on the responsibility of making certain that your valves are fully tested, meet codes and standards, are properly prepared for shipment and are delivered on time.

  • Powell's full service Valve Shops provide major and minor repairs for all types of industrial ANSI/API valves. All ANSI/API valves are tested and must meet or exceed OEM specifications. In addition to OEM specifications, all valves will meet any additional client requirements.
    Our PSV service group provides major and minor repairs for all types of pressure relieving devices. All PSV/PRV valves are tested and re-certified to meet OEM specifications.

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