Vacuum Fault Interrupter
  • Powell’s fault interrupters are magnetically actuated to provide a fault interrupter that does not need an added mechanism to provide automated operation. Since the base interrupter has no manual operating handle potential SF6 leak points are eliminated. If a manual trip is required then a manual trip handle can be provided. Fault interrupter ratings 15kV through 38kV, 600A, Fault interrupt/Fault Close 12kA, or 25kA.

  • Powell Vacuum Fault Interrupter Switches provide a safe and reliable method for medium voltage electrical distribution. The utilization of vacuum technology means an environmentally friendly choice and the dead front construction provides operator safety.
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  • Powell underground distribution switch enclosures are ¼ inch mild steel or stainless steel tank.  Powell SF6 devices are constructed and tested to a leak rate of 1X10-6 cubic centimeters per second leak rate. Each and every Powell SF6 device is pressurized with helium to 13 PSIG then tested using a helium mass spectrometer. Due to the fact that the molecule of helium is 4.9 times smaller than SF6 and that the test pressure is 2 times greater than the normal operation pressure the leak rate of SF6 will be much improved over the leak rate of the helium test gas.

  • Powell’s experience in the SF6 underground distribution switch applications enable us to be able to integrate our lload break, fault interrupter, source transfer devices into your existing system. Examples of such integration are:

    • Retrofit existing transformer mounted switches
    • Connect new SF6 switch to existing lead and paper cable
    • Assist in conversion to smart grid automation

  • The Powell Team is dedicated to supplying an entire portfolio of distribution switch products to meet the specific needs of your application and to ensure that customers and end users receive equipment that is of the highest quality and reliability. Our technical staff is ready and available for consultation to establish the final product configuration that will conform to your most specialized needs.

  • Description
    ​SF6 Switch Tank ​1/4" welded mild steel tanks with stainless option, all external parts are corrosion resistant
    ​Switch Assembly ​Stored energy, highly durable, design tested for 2000 operations
    ​Unitized Blades ​Three-pole assembly is self-supported and self-aligned
    ​ ​
    ​Maximum Voltage Frequency BIL Load Interrupting Current Continuous Current
    ​15.5kV ​50/60 Hz ​95/110kV ​600A ​ ​600A
    ​27kV ​50/60 Hz ​125kV ​600A ​ ​600A
    ​38kV ​50/60 Hz ​150kV ​600A ​ ​600A

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