• Equipment training provides a practical approach with brief classroom discussions followed by “hands on” practice. Each course is intended to stimulate further discussion for continued learning. Instructors are application technologists, manufacturing specialists, and engineers, who provide a blend of diversified perspectives. Because equipment in an operating facility is typically not readily available for training purposes, Powell’s facilities are configured for “hands on” learning. On-site instruction at customer locations can be provided with class materials structured to fit the specific jobsite equipment and needs.
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  • Standard course topics are available and can be customized to fit your personnel and operational requirements. An example of a 4 day training class might include (SAFE102) NFPA 70E safety training and (PV202) 5‐ 15 KV Powlvac® Switchgear for operators and electricians, (HRG 102) Resistance grounding fundamentals followed by (RELAY 101) protection relay basics. A detail course descriptions are available and outline prerequisites as well as objectives. The minimum class size is six (6) people and training materials are provided.

  • Consider incorporating your training needs into the new equipment project and have your personnel trained on the actual equipment before it leaves the Powell factory. Or for larger groups have Powell create a custom curriculum that matches the products included in your solution.
    The first step to safety is making certain operators and maintenance employees are familiar with the equipment that they work on and around.

  • Talk to your Project Manager about adding training into the contract so that you get the maximum benefit from the installed equipment. Visits by your personnel during the engineering, fabrication or test phases of the project can be very instructional and provide a solid base upon which to build highly trained and knowledgeable employees.

  • Powell Training is most usually offered at our facilities in Houston, Texas where we have access to the range of products and equipment needed for any particular class. When conditions warrant these classes can be held at your facility and be customized to meet your specific needs.
    When requested, a course assessment can be included in the training effort and provided to your training organizer upon completion of the class.
    For best results Powell conducts training classes in an interactive environment with students having opportunities to see and touch the subject equipment. Copies of all presented material will be made available to each attendee.
    A particular class can be offered to meet your schedule with minimum notice. Contact Powell today to discuss your needs.

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