Test Cabinets
  • The test cabinet simulates control circuit for bench testing of circuit breakers when removed from the switchgear assembly. Includes umbilical cord 6’ in length. A test coupler extension is available to lengthen switchgear cell umbilical cord an additional 6 feet outside of the cell for test purposes.

  • ​A test cabinet for Powell medium voltage metal-clad switchgear is for use by field operations or maintenance personnel. For troubleshooting procedures it is often necessary to test the circuit breaker after it has been removed from the switchgear assembly. Under most circumstances it is not possible while the circuit breaker is in service as the testing may well cause disruptions in the feeder power circuit and the associated processes.


    A Powell Test Cabinet simply connects to the control umbilical plug of the circuit breaker. The test cabinet then allows full action of the circuit breaker for testing and verification purposes.

  • ​The Test Cabinet is inclusive of an 6 foot umbilical extension so that it can be easily connected to the circuit breaker. An optional test coupler extension is available to provide greater distance between the operator and test cabinet and the circuit breaker.


    In Power Control Room applications the Test Cabinet is most often mounted on the PCR® wall opposite the switchgear for easy accessibility.

  • ​At Powell we strive to make sure that the design of our products is one which includes sturdy and robust construction, ease of maintenance and accessibility, and makes available the optional devices that our customers need. A test cabinet is a straight-forward and simple device, but our thoughts of safety apply to it just as they do to the design of any other critical element of your Powell solution. We have the reputation of being the "go to" manufacturer when there is the need got complex problem resolution. Part of that reason is our attention to the smallest detail.

  • ​A Powell Test Cabinet can be incorporated into an existing equipment project. Powell will project manage the process for you. Contact us today to discuss adding this important safety feature to your equipment.


    If not included with your original project, they are readily available as an after market purchase. Our Sales and Project Management teams can research your original project and determine the exact device that will fit your installed equipment. Additionally they can discuss with you the available options so that you get the exact functionality your desire.

  • ​Test Cabinet
    ​simulates control circuit for bench testing of circuit breakers when removed from the switchgear assembly. Includes umbilical cord 6 foot in length.
    ​Test Coupler Extension Extends umbilical cord an extra 6 feet. May also be used to extend the umbilical connection between the control circuitry and the removed circuit breaker.

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