Spare Parts
  • Powell has complete staff ready and able to respond to your needs for spare parts for use during commissioning and start-up or for maintenance needs. Contact us directly when the need arises and with nothing more than the job number found on the master nameplate, we can generally identify the proper parts from that point. We are also available to provide on call stocking for your facility.

    Planned replacement or emergency responses are available.

  • The aftermarket team at Powell has a great amount of information available along with many sources to fulfill your spare part needs. Spare parts needs are different during different parts of the life cycle of your equipment.

    At the time of shipment there is a recommended list of commissioning or start up spare parts that should be on hand. After energization, another group of spare parts may be desired to have on hand for routine maintenance.

    Keeping your equipment in top shape and running without unplanned downtime is key and Powell is here to help you with that effort. Our aftermarket specialists can prepare a list of recommended parts for any stage of your equipment life cycle.

  • The need for spare parts may be planned or may be an emergency. Planned outages for routine maintenance often is a good time to check and replace small parts. But at Powell we realize that emergencies strike and the need for a critical element or part may become necessary without warning.
    Our service team members understand these situations and can work with you to dispatch the needed parts on a rush basis.
    Contact us, we are here to help.

  • Part of the value that comes from purchasing an integrated package solution from Powell is the single point of contact for normal everyday spare parts or that emergency need. With just the job reference number from the master nameplate, our service team members can usually source the drawings and bill of material for your project, identify the required items and get them on the way to your location with the speed dictated by your situation,
    Let us go to work for you.

  • If spare parts stocking and tracking is a difficult task, talk to your service team member. We may well be able to develop a factory stock program for you .... for one or many locations. We keep the stock and provide it on an as need basis to you when you call.
    Custom engineering at Powell applies to equipment design but also to services we can provide for you.

  • ​Complete Circuit Breakers Motor Contactors​ ​Lights Bus Work​ Bus Boots​
    ​Protective Relays Power Fuses ​Meters ​Insulators ​Transformers
    ​Test Switches ​Control Fuses Equipment Doors Terminal Blocks MCC Units
    Anything else needed for repair, replacement, or maintenance of your equipment?
    Call us even if the equipment was not sourced from Powell.
    We are here to service your spare part needs.
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    Have a question? Let us know.