• While Powell originated the PCR® concept almost 50 years ago, some solutions require a simpler weather-proof answer.  Any of our products can be incorporated into a Shelterform type construction with either a walk-in or non walk-in feature. These are classically used for remote non-manned installations or projects where protection from the elements is needed but environmental control is not critical.

  • Electrical distribution equipment provided in a Shelterform construction is ideal for applications where basic weatherproof construction is desired and ancillary equipment is not involved. Small switchgear assemblies involving only a few circuit breakers can use a Shelterform solution to keep the project cost to a minimum while providing all the needed safety and environmental protection that is required.

  • With a Shelterform design the exterior enclosure is supported using the internal electrical equipment for structural support. The construction is available with a variety of options including non walk-in, walk-in protected aisle, and walk-in common aisle.
    • Non Walk-in: a weatherproof wrap around the equipment
    • Walk-in Protected Aisle: a weatherproof wrap with an aisleway provided running along the front of the equipment
    • Walk-in Common Aisle: a weatherproof wrap with aisleway provided down the center between two line ups of equipment installed facing one another

  • Shelterform provides the easiest and most cost effective method of providing an integrated packaged solution. The walls are typically not insulated but some environmental control can be provided with HVAC.
    Shelterform construction can be designed for power connections from below or power connections from above. Accommodations can be made for interconnection between units and other jobsite needs.

  • When an Integrated Packaged Solution is involved, Powell Project Management demonstrates its value.
    At Powell we realize we are but one link in your much larger project plan. Our expertise extends to managing the needs and requirements of the integrated solutions we have provided for more than 50 years. We take on the responsibility of making certain that the solution your receive is designed to your needs, incorporates not only the systems we provide but those you provide from other sources, is fully integrated and interconnected, meets codes and standards, is prepared for shipment with proper care, and is delivered according to instructions.
    Powell Delivers more than equipment, we deliver a solution with a process with the intent of making your life easy.

  • Space in Front of Switchgear Space Heaters
    ​Non Walk-in ​3 inches ​Yes
    ​Walk-in Protected Aisle ​75 inches ​Yes
    ​Walk-in Common Aisle ​75 inches ​Yes

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