• As facilities strive to comply with the regulations and guidelines for safer workplace environments, the need is evident for technologies that improve everyday tasks. At Powell, our primary goal is the continued development of safety-centered products for the protection of personnel and assets.  This was the premise behind the development of the Sentry® Control Unit; a chassis-based design focused on condition-based monitoring as a way to "guard" the electrical system through safety practices and early detections.

    Through Powell's continued development of Sentry Application Cards, we plan to offer even more methods of  protecting personnel and facility assets; WE KNOW THEIR VALUE!

  • The very first Sentry® Application Card was created for the management of Powell's OnBoard Racking technology for the automated control of the PowlVac® circuit breaker. The ARM Application Card is the brains behind the magic. Once a remote command is issued, it is responsible for the verification that all mechnical, electrical and logical interlocks are satisfied before the movement or trip/close operation of the breaker is initiated.

    The additon of BriteSpot
    ® application cards will complete the mission!  Local control and monitoring of these technologies may be accomplished utilizing the Powell Hand-Held Remote Controller via a 10m lanyard.  The waterproof connections, and 10m extensions, allow for safe distances to be met.

  • Sentry® is designed to mount easily within a standard pocket located on each breaker door on one high and two high PowlVac® designs from 5kV to 38kV. Depending on the Sentry model, it may also be located inside the low voltage instrument compartment.

    Fully integrated with the Application Cards of your choice, the Sentry Control Unit is purposed to stand 'sentry' over your electrical circuits, personnel and subsequently, your assets.

    A full suite of Sentry Application Cards are currently in development, so stay tuned for even more ways for us to help keep you safe!

  • The integration of the Sentry® Control Unit is not limited to a solution installed in a single switchgear assembly. This can be much more comprehensive by assessing your application needs, not on an equipment level, but on a project level.
    Consider all thermal monitoring options, circuit breaker options, and circuit data as a bank of information that can now be brought to the fingertips of your operations personnel. Providing the right information, in the right format, and at the right time make for better decisions and more efficient operations.

  • Hand in hand with the project concept of an integrated deliverable solution, is our Project Management approach to your project. Projects can range from simple to highly complex but they all have one thing in common; the desire for your project goals to be understood and met!
    Powell Project Management is the best in the industry. A single point of contact with visibility of everything from commercial to technical is scheduled and efficiently managed throughout the timeline of the project.  We know time is money!

  • Construction ​Heavy-duty extruded aluminum 6-slot chassis
    Dimensions ​6.5" high x 5" wide x 4.5" deep
    Input Power ​120-250VDC; 120-250VAC, 50/60 Hz
    VA Rating ​50VA, 20W
    Certifications ​UL and ULC Listed and Registered

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