Repair-Replacement-Refurbishment (RRR)
  • The Powell Repair Replacement and Refurbishment bus program is structured to assist in keeping your operation competitive and efficient with the most up to date bus technology. Call on our experts to help you with decisions on equipment life extensions, refurbishments, modernizations, replacements, parts, and other enhancements. Our staff of engineers and technicians are skilled in preventive maintenance for all of the bus duct needs at your facility. Whether your project requires new equipment, emergency response, troubleshooting, routine maintenance or planned repair and replacement, we are just a call away.

    Powell bus duct traces its roots from the purchase of the Delta-Star isophase bus product line from H.K. Porter in 1982 and the Westinghouse isophase bus product line in 1986. These acquisitions resulted in an unparalleled combination of product experience and capabilities that is unmatched worldwide.

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    When the time comes for you to begin planning for plant Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul, please consider Powell for our expertise in a full line of bus system technology and products. Powell bus duct systems are designed, manufactured, and tested in strict accordance with ANSI/IEEE, and NEC standards. Our facilities are ISO 9001:2000 registered.

  • Powell has been and continues to be “the choice” in the power generation industry. Design parameters for our products include conformance to ANSI, IEC, BS, and DIN standards, giving us the ability to completely satisfy the needs of our customers.

    Our bus systems cover the complete range of construction to meet your specific needs including, isolated phase, segregated phase, non-segregated phase and cable bus for both AC and DC applications.

  • Virtually every project, whether green field or expansion, involves bus systems to connect generation and distribution equipment. Powell has more than 50 years of experience and can custom-design systems for your project. Our bus systems are in service both internal and external to equipment substations and around the globe connecting generators, transformers and switchgear together and providing a robust solution that you can depend on.

  • The Repair-Replacement-Refurbishment Team is dedicated to providing the customer with the ultimate in customer service and timely response. From first contact until delivery and commissioning, Powell Project Management will handle all the details and facilitate your order to make the project a streamlined, trouble-free experience.

    Our Project Managers provide you the single point of contact to assure the proper execution of your project. Let our expertise work for you.

  • Powell, through our RRR bus program has the complete capability to perform repair, replacement, and refurbish any bus systems in service. Our engineering and production capacity is ready to go to work just for you.

    • Isolated Phase Bus
    • Segregated Phase Bus Duct
    • Non-Segregated Phase Bus Duct
    • Cable Bus
    • DC Bus
    • Cubicles

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