Remote Racking
  • As with all products manufactured at Powell, safety is the driving factor. Powell has designed this accessory to minimize the danger to the operating personnel while racking a circuit breaker in and out of the switchgear. Our family of remote racking devices allow the plant personnel to be up to 25 feet away from the “arc hazard” during the dangerous periods of circuit breaker movement.

  • ​Powell has available a wide range of remote racking devices for both current Powell PowlVac®, PowlVac-AR®,and Power/Vac® metal-clad switchgear, but also for number of obsolete switchgear designs from manufacturers no longer in operation including General Electric, Westinghouse, Cutler-Hammer, Federal Pacific, and McGraw Edison.

    Contact Powell today to investigate the detail of your specific design and what we have to offer.

  • ​The construction of each device is unique to the circuit breaker manufacturer and design that it is being used. All designs consist primarily of a user control operator and cable, electrically operated racking motor, mounting mechanism, and mechanical linkage to the circuit breaker.
    Construction concepts vary widely depending upon the original switchgear and circuit breaker design and even vary from version to version of the existing equipment. Powell has been supplying these units for many years and has the expertise to provide the proper device for your installation. Contact our service personnel today.

  • In the design and fabrication of our remote racking designs we call upon two major driving forces. First, our understanding and long-term experience with the electrical industry and how various manufacturer's designs operated. Second, our commitment to safety and providing our customers with a remote method of performing the tasks needed to properly operate and maintain the equipment they have in service.

    The best form of personnel protection is remove them from harm. Equipment at or near the end of its useful life may be present greater danger than new equipment and therefore deserves greater care in operation.

  • ​The same expertise that Powell brings to the custom engineering, design, and manufacture of your electrical solution can be brought to the operational activities associated with your installed equipment irrespective of the manufacturer or age. Let us add the Powell experience and expertise to make certain that your personnel operate within your facilities with the best of tools and in the safest environment possible.

  • ​Switchgear Type ​Rating (kV)
    ​Control Voltage
    ​PowlVac®, PowlVac-AR® 5, 15, 27, 38​ ​120VAC
    ​PV System 27® ​27 120VAC​
    ​PV System 38® 38​ 120VAC​
    ​GE MagneBlast 5 and 15​ 125VDC and 250VDC​
    ​Westinghouse DHP 5 and 15​ 120VAC
    ​Eaton VCP-W 5 and 15​ 120VAC​
    ​ITE-HK ​5 and 15 120VAC​
    ​Federal Pacific DST ​5 and 15 120VAC​
    ​McGraw Edison PSD and WSA ​5 and 15 ​120VAC

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