Project Management
  • ​At Powell, our local in-house calibration capabilities facilitate a fast and efficient turnaround time for all
    equipment. Our skilled technicians receive, inspect, service, repair and return your instruments with a
    certificate of calibration.
    Calibration is an important routine necessary to maintain equipment. While there are many factors that
    could influence a measurement device, ruling out, out-of-tolerance equipment is a great first step in
    mitigating risk.

  • Every order entered into the Powell system is assigned a project manager. Our interest is that you, the customer, have a single point of contact for your order. That single point of contact has the visibility of all aspects and functions related to your order from engineering through manufacturing and invoicing. We want to be easy to do business with and managing your project with the highest level of importance is the way we accomplish that task.

  • The design of our Project Management process is one of visibility. In the simplest view it gives one person the ultimate responsibility for contact with the customer. At the same time it gives them the training and tools needed to see and report on status and then implement changes to requirements. That visibility and contact structure spreads throughout the organization because every part of our organization works from the same schedule. Information is key and we want the customer to have the latest reported status.

  • Our Project Management structure is consistent across the organization. We feel this is a key point as more and more project involve more than one of our facilities. Our business system is the same across the organization as well and each project manager is given the ability to see schedule, status, and be in control of the project task list.
    Our job to make your job easier.

  • While project management is a part of every order at Powell, we also have the ability to manage other tasks on your project for you. Our skill set has been used by many customers to help with coordination and management tasks. We can assign personnel to your office/jobsite or do the work remotely. It is up to you. Can we help your project effort?

  • To the customer, how we perform the project management function is invisible and seamless. Internally it is a matter of connectivity and the visibility of tasks, timing and operations.

    Powell Project Management services are available for any aspect of your project. It is as easy as defining what you want accomplished. Contact us today to discuss the details.

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