Pressure Safety Valve (PSV) Servicing
  • Our full service valve shops provide major and minor repairs of all types of Pressure Safety Valves (PSV) and Pressure Relief Valves (PRV).  With our extensive knowledge and history, we have the expertise to manage a variety of shutdown scenarios depending on your service and schedule requirements. We are committed to meet customer deadlines without compromising the quality of our service.  Our capabilities include but are not limited to: pre start up re-certification, operational maintenance and ABSA/EUB service intervals.

  • At Powell, our PSV Servicing includes: teardown, cleaning, inspection and measurements of parts to ensure they are within OEM specifications, rebuilding, bench testing to the required set pressure, painting, and tagging.  Our facilities are fully certified and compliant with AB524 regulations including testing pressure relief devices using steam.  Our boiler is operational 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year, regardless of demand.  Powell’s steam testing capabilities are up to 10” inlets and 3500 PSI (in conjunction with our Assisted Lift Device) at 650 ⁰F.  At Powell Canada, we are committed to the needs of our customers first.

    We work closely with our customer to understand their requirements, please reach out to your Account Manager to discuss your servicing needs today! 

  • To reduce downtime of your on-site valves, we offer an exchange program that allows our customers to pre-order PSV/PRV valves from our inventory. The exchange valves are re-certified and delivered prior to your shutdown or maintenance cycle so all you have to worry about is the removal and installation of your valves.

    Additionally, we have a rental program that provides you the option of renting a valve.  This is a great program for those that require a valve for a short term, whether it is a day, week or month, saving you the unplanned cost of a new valve.

    We also offer a wide range of additional programs, including the storage of your critical spares and an online documentation portal, which allows you access to your historic inspection reports. To help customize a program that will work for you, please contact us.

  • We have no limitations on whose valves we can service, we are able to repair and modify valves from over 600 manufacturers including: Lockwood, Summit Valve, KF Industries, M&J Pipeline Valves, Leser Valve, Farris, Consolidated, Crosby and Cameron. We ensure OEM standards are upheld by providing manufacturers' comprehensive training to our certified technicians.

  • Powell customers look to Powell to provide solutions whether the project is simple and straight-forward or complex with a long duration. The value that Powell brings to your project includes the needs and requirements to properly plan and execute all the necessary tasks from initial contact to in-service or any part thereof.

  • Powell is currently certified by:
    • Alberta Certificate of Recognition (COR)
    •  ISO 9001:2015
    •  Northeastern Alberta Aboriginal Business Association (NAABA)
    • LESER Authorized Repair Center
    • ABSA
      • ASVS-81 - Set & Service Pressure Relief Valves – Shop and Field
      • AQP-5117 – Construct, Repair & Alter Category C Fittings – Shop and Field
      • Attended Power Plant – 244 kW PSV Test Bench Steam Boiler
    • Technical Safety BC
      • Boiler and Pressure Vessel Contractor License
    • Technical Safety Authority of Saskatchewan
      • Setting and Servicing Pressure Relief Devices – ASME Section I, IV, VIII (Field Only)

    We work with the following vendor qualification sites:

    • CQN


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