PowlVac Switchgear
  • Powell first introduced our PowlVac® switchgear design in 1983. From the start, it was the most solid design made by any manufacturer. Our customers require equipment that will withstand the most difficult conditions and keep operating. PowlVac does exactly that.

    PowlVac  is available, designed, and tested in the complete range of voltage and current ratings published in the ANSI Standards for metal-clad switchgear and more. Regardless of your needs, this product will fill the requirement. The front connected control umbilical gives easy access for testing of the breaker using the protection system installed.

  • PowlVac® switchgear is perfect for heavy industrial applications where rugged construction and a work-horse design make the difference between keeping your operation running and costly downtime. The space-saving feature does allow for two circuit breakers to be installed in a single vertical section. While this minimizes the space available for protective relays, it can be the answer when space is at a premium.

    All safety features identified in the ANSI Standard are included, but additional items can be added including rear door interlocks, through-door racking, closed-door racking and OnBoard Racking® of circuit breakers.​ A circuit breaker of a higher current rating can be inserted into any lower rated cell making the need for numerous spares unnecessary.

  • PowlVac® switchgear is available in one-high and two-high arrangements. The upper portion of the one-high cubicle can house one or two rollout drawers for voltage or control power transformers and their associated fuse assemblies. The two-high arrangement consists of two circuit breakers per vertical section with the only limitation at a maximum of 3200A continuous current allowed per section.

    There is almost no limit to the variety of construction and arrangement. Single main breaker, main-tie-main, ring main units, dual main bus assemblies, top feed, bottom feed and interlocking with other circuit breakers in the line-up are all available.

  • PowlVac® switchgear can be integrated with other electrical systems and devices and integrated to meet the exact need of your project. This includes switchgear main-tie-main with medium voltage MCC on each end, integrated fused interrupter switches, soft start units, and drives.

    Let Powell integrate your switchgear into a Power Control Room or Offshore Module. We can package every electrical system needed into a single working assembly, built, tested and delivered as one unit.

  • There is a reason why we have loyal customers. Working with Powell makes your life easier. We have the expertise to make sure that this piece of your project goes smoothly. Our professional Project Management team provides you a single point of contact so that you know exactly the status of your solution throughout the order cycle.

    At Powell, project management is a key element in our solution. We want you to have a seamless experience. We can say without hesitation that Powell Delivers.


    Circuit Breaker​​ ​ ​ ​Switchgear ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​
    Interrupting Time
    Interrupting Rating
    Continuous Current
    ​1200A ​2000A ​3000A



    5kV​ ​ PowlVac-ND® 3 or 5 ​
    ​​● ​●​ ​60 ​26
    PowlVac® ​63 ​​● ​●​ ​​● ​●​ ​60 ​36
    ​15kV ​PowlVac® 3 or 5 ​63 ​●​ ​●​ ​​● ​​● ​95 ​36
    ​27kV ​ ​ ​PowlVac® 3 ​25 ​​● ​●​ ​125 ​36
    ​PowlVac® 40​ ​​● ​●​ ​150 ​40
    ​38kV ​ ​ ​PowlVac® 3 ​40 ​​● ​●​ ​150 ​40
    ​PowlVac® ​40 ​●​ ​150 54​

    All circuit breakers are rated K Factor = 1.0


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