PowlVac-AR Arc Resistant Switchgear
  • PowlVac-AR® was introduced by Powell in 1994 and is designed to withstand an internal arcing fault, meeting all the applicable ANSI Standards. It is designed to direct the flow of the gases and debris resulting from an arc fault away from adjacent equipment and operating personnel. The result is increased operator safety and a minimization of damage to surrounding equipment.

  • PowlVac-AR® has application in environments where there is a need to distribute large amounts of electrical energy and where operators work in close proximity to the switchgear. Studies show that the most likely occurrence of an arc fault is when the circuit breaker element is changing position or when closing the circuit breaker after a down time event. This puts the operators of the equipment into harm's way at the exact moment when the danger is greatest.

  • PowlVac-AR® switchgear is available in three construction types depending upon the exact needs of the end-user. Type 1 construction provides arc resistant protection from the front of the equipment only. Type 2 construction provides protection from the front, rear and sides. Type 2B construction provides protection from the front, rear, sides and between adjacent cubicles. The Powell design is available with any of the construction types.

  • PowlVac-AR® switchgear, when properly installed, is integrated into the work environment. The top-located plenum, which allows for the expansion and direction of gases and debris, is ducted away from the switchgear and personnel and exhausted in a safer exterior direction. When installed in a Power Control Room the plenum is integrally constructed as part of the PCR®.

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    Circuit Breaker​​ ​ ​ ​Switchgear ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​
    Interrupting Time
    Interrupting Rating
    Continuous Current
    IEEE C37.20.7
    Arc Resistant
    Accessibility Type
    ​1200A ​2000A ​3000A
    5kV​ ​ PowlVac-ND® 3 or 5 ​
    ​​● ​●​ ​60 ​26 ​2B @ 50kA
    PowlVac® 40 ​​● ​●​ ​​ ​60 ​36 ​2C @ 40kA
    ​PowlVac® ​63 ​​​● ​​​● ​​​● ​​●​ 60​ ​36 ​2B @ 63kA
    ​15kV ​PowlVac® 3 or 5 ​ ​40 ​●​ ​●​ ​95 ​36 ​2C @ 40kA
    ​PowlVac® ​63 ​​​● ​​​● ​​​● ​​●​ ​95 ​36 ​2B @ 63kA
    ​27kV ​ ​ ​PowlVac® 3 25 ​​● ​●​ ​125 ​36 ​2B @ 25kA
    ​PowlVac® 40​ ​​● ​●​ ​150 ​40 ​2B @ 40kA
    ​38kV ​ ​ ​PowlVac® 3 ​40 ​​● ​●​ ​150 ​40 ​2B @ 40kA
    ​PowlVac® 31.5 ​​​● ​●​ ​150 40 ​2C @ 31.5kA
    ​PowlVac® ​40 ​​​​● ​150 ​54 ​2B @ 40kA
    All circuit breakers are rated K Factor = 1.0
    Standard Powell offering for Arc Resistant equipment includes Suffix B for all designs
    All PowlVac AR ratings have an Internal Arcing Duration of 0.5s using no specialized protection devices

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