PowlSmart Systems
  • A PowlSmart System is simply an automation system for a power distribution infrastructure.  We strive to offer a cost effective, modern, open-architecture solution by networking substation devices together and graphically displaying them on an HMI. This HMI provides plant personnel pertinent power data without them encroaching arc flash hazard boundaries. Our PowlSmart® Systems are seamlessly integrated into the Powell family of equipment providing the coordination of design, construction and testing under one roof. Truely a one-stop-shop. 

  • The advancements in multifunction protection devices have given plant personnel the ability to gain valuable insight into their electrical system in an effort to maintain continuous process power. There are many acronyms used for these systems; SCADA, PMS, PMCS, ECMS, and PALMS just to name a few. They vary, however, in functionality and complexityThese systems can perform as passive systems primarily monitoring device data and status with limited control features, or they are active systems managing power quality, load transfers, sheds, and resorations, and make decisions based on generation capacities, power losses, and power demands.

    We have broad application knowledge utilizing the latest protocols and standards when required; our latest implementations included, IEC 61850 (Electrical Substation Design standard), IEEE1588 (Precision Time Protocol), and IEC62439 (Parallel Redundancy Protocol).

  • The architecture of a PowlSmart® System is only limited by your imagination. We pride ourselves in being flexible and familiar with a variety of power and networking devices which can lead to a more lean architecture. The elimination of unnecessary devices will save thousands of dollars in upfront and maintenance costs. We choose the right products for each application and don't try to shoe-horn unnecessary products into your application.

  • Small scale or large scale, we have the experience and lessons learned to recommend and implement a hardware and software solution that fits. Whether it fits the functionality or fits the price-point, we know and appreciate the distinct differences between the device manufacturers and can recommend a suitable application. 

  • Implementing a PowlSmart® system in conjunction with the purchase of Powell distribution equipment is the optimal choice! Let us manage the coordination and implementation of both. From an integral drawing package to a full factory checkout, Powell can be the one-stop-shop for all your intelligent power distribution needs.

    • Real-time remote monitoring and instant data access
    • Immediate notification of alarms, trips, and critical substation actions
    • Enhanced operator safety
    • User friendly, graphical HMI interface for remote or local control
    • Simplified online system testing from single location
    • Reduced operating costs
    • Online documentation retrieval
    • Single-point access of relay configuration
    • Open architecture utilizing customer preferred protocols
    • Extensive device integration capability, including IEDs of various manufacturers
    • Maintenance bus for waveform capture

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