• The Power/Vac® switchgear design incorporates design elements with the intent of combining the flexibility and safety of metal-clad construction with the reliability and low maintenance benefits of vacuum circuit breaker technology. Through modular construction engineering, planning is simplified.
    Power/Vac is a long-standing proven design for your 5kV and 15kV distribution switchgear projects.

  • The flexible design of Power/Vac® means that it has a wide range of application possibilities from commercial and light industrial to the complex projects of today's energy projects around the world.  Available with circuit breaker ratings from 1200A to 4000A and interrupting ratings as high as 63kA.
    Power/Vac is the solution for your application. 

  • Power/Vac® switchgear is constructed using a single-size vertical structure which results in a modular offering to simplify engineering planning. Circuit breakers may be stacked two-high to save on floor space where floor saving is needed and auxiliary transformers may be arranged with as many as four units per vertical structure.
    Equipment depth can range from 82" to 106" in order to match the power and control cable needs of your specific project. While the standard is indoor construction, your project can easily be incorporated into a NEMA 3R weatherproof design with or without a protected aisle.

  • At Powell we understand that often you need a wide scope of equipment for your project. We can provide the physical, electrical and schedule integration for all of your switchgear and ancillary equipment needs, interconnecting them when required and making certain they all operate when and as you expect.
    Consider incorporating all of your equipment into an completely integrated solution with a PCR® or PCR-RTM

  • A significant portion of the value that Powell brings to you is our ability to efficiently assist you and make sure that your project proceeds as smoothly as possible. Our interest is in performing as your partner, providing an experienced platform for advice to solve any issues that arise whether they are technical, performance or timing related.
    We understand that we are but one link in your overall capital project, but our expertise will add a key component to your effort by making sure you get more than a product; you get a Powell solution.


  • BIL​
    Current (A)
    Time (cycles)​
    Rating (kA)​
    ​1200 2000​ 3000​ ​3500​ ​ 4000​
    5kV​ ​60
    ​● ​● ​● ●​ ​3 or 5 36​ 31.5, 40, 50, 63
    ​15kV ​95 ​● ​● ​● ​● ​● ​3 or 5 ​36 20, 25, 31.5, 40, 50, 63

    All circuit breakers are rated K Factor = 1.0

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