Power System Studies
  • Smaller-sized projects where a large Engineering Constructor is not involved often require the end-user to source a variety of activities during the planning and pre-engineering stages. Among these are a wide variety of power studies including interrupting current calculations, fault studies and arc flash zone determination.
    Powell has the resources to aide our customer with these services. Our depth of understanding of equipment ratings and proper application will often result in a study that gives you the best determination of equipment selection and delivers maximum value.

  • At Powell we consider ourselves a resource. We understand that not every project is the same. On large capital intensive projects, third-party engineering resources are often used to supplement your internal capabilities. On smaller maintenance and upgrade projects those outside resources may not be available.
    You can call on Powell to assist with the planning and engineering phase of your projects. We offer a wide variety of power system study capabilities to make your project design, planning, and installation go smoothly. We assist with such efforts and analysis as short-circuit current, arc flash zone boundaries, coordination, set point determination, and other efforts.
    Contact us today to discuss the needs of your project and how Powell can help you.

  • Powell experience and expertise is best suited to help with your project design and engineering. We have seen, designed, engineered, tested, installed, and commissioned thousands of switchgear projects around the world. We have experience in both the ANSI and IEC worlds and have participated in the solving of unique problems of all types.
    The basis of our approach is pragmatic. We have the expertise to engage both a technical approach to your project but also a practical view of the end solution.
    Our depth of understanding is a resource that you should not be without. Contact us today.

  • Powell is more than a manufacturer. We are your partner when it comes to your project. Our 50+ year experience translates into a valuable resource that help you move your effort from concept to reality.
    When you combine our ability to deliver a hardware solution and our ability to assist you with the proper design and engineering power system studies, you have a deliverable that is unsurpassed.
    Contact us today. We are here to help.

  • The same expertise that Powell brings to the custom engineering, design, and manufacture of your electrical solution can be brought to the field activities associated with your project tasks of concept and design. Proper decisions on hardware and control circuits requires preparation and calculation.
    Call on Powell experience and expertise to make certain that your project goes through the design phase with the same ease as the production portion of the project.

  • Power System Studies requires a high degree of understanding on proper application as well as a depth of understanding on power systems, how the act and how they interact with a variety of potential field situations.
    Powell has available a large group of highly trained field service personnel, design personnel, and the best industry practices in our effort to make certain you get the best out of your project.
    Consider Powell and how we can help with all of your engineering and planning efforts.

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