Power Control Room (PCR)
  • When Powell introduced the PCR® concept in 1968, it was an industry first. From the beginning, our design and construction excellence defined the standard for others to follow. Soon, the PCR was widely imitated throughout the industry. Now, more than a quarter of a century later, our Power Control Rooms still set the benchmark for reliability and performance.
    Our 50 years of experience and integration know-how, makes Powell the supplier of choice if you want a smooth transition from concept to energized system. Our ability to tailor the solution to fit your needs is unsurpassed in the market today.
    If you have never used a Power Control Room from Powell, you are missing an opportunity.

  • Because of the flexibility of design and the 50 year Powell history of experience, our PCR® can be custom engineered to meet your exact requirements. We recognize that the project challenges that you face are a critical path item and we are here to provide a solution that satisfies your concerns.

    Powell PCR's are successfully installed and functioning in all 50 states and more than 70 countries around the world. From the desserts and heat of Saudi Arabia to the low temperatures on the North slope of Alaska. In petrochemical environments surrounded by potentially explosive gases or highly corrosive air-borne chemicals. In a wide range of markets from utility substations to oil/gas projects to transportation systems.

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  • While we utilize standard techniques, every Powell PCR® is unique. The height, width, and length are customized for every specific project. The structural steel base is designed for the weight distribution and loading of your equipment.
    For a majority of situations, our standard galvanized steel walls provide all the needed corrosion protection, but stainless steel or aluminum is available as a possible option. A second story can be constructed to save on footprint. While the highest concern is function, at Powell we have 50 years of experience getting your finished PCR from our facility to your jobsite. If needed, it can be constructed with one or multiple shipping splits. Testing is still provided to you with the package as one integral system.

  • Integration and the ability to package all the necessary elements into a single working system is the goal and no one can accomplish this like Powell. All Powell manufactured elements along with third-party elements are considered in the design, fabrication, assembly, test, and delivery of your PCR®.
    Consider that it not just the power distribution system that involved. A solid Power Control Room solution may involve safety, structural, environment, control systems, communications, heating and cooling, lighting, building services, personnel entry and egress, interconnection, plumbing, cable entry and exit, future expansion, shipping splits, finish, corrosion control, code compliance, redundancy, shipping preparation, permitting, shipment, delivery, and off loading. These items are not new to Powell experience but can cause jobsite delays if not handled properly. Make sure your project does not face delays and let Powell be your partner. 

  • When an Integrated Packaged Solution is involved, Powell Project Management demonstrates its value.
    At Powell we realize we are but one link in your much larger project plan. Our expertise extends to managing the needs and requirements of the integrated solutions we have provided for more than 50 years. We take on the responsibility of making certain that the solution you receive is designed to your needs, incorporates the necessary Powell systems and third-party systems, is fully integrated and interconnected, meets all identified codes and standards, is prepared for shipment with proper care, and is delivered according to instructions.
    Powell Delivers more than equipment, we deliver a solution with a process with the intent of making your life easy.

  • ​Industry Standards ​ ​NEMA, IEEE, NEC, ANSI, OSHA, and IBC 2000
    Normal ​Service Conditions ​​-30°C to 40°C / -22°F to 104°F ​​125mph winds Seismic Zone 4​
    Standard ​Loading ​Floor: 250 lbs./ft2 ​Roof: 40 lbs./ft2 ​Walls: 400 lbs./linear ft.
    ​Lifting/Shipping ​Minimum (4) removable lugs Air-ride trailer​ ​per shipping section

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