OnBoard Racking
  • Statistics indicate that the manual racking of a circuit breaker on and off a live bus carries one of the greatest safety risks for operations personnel.  At Powell, our primary goal is to continue the development of safety-centered products for the protection of personnel and assets. The OnBoard racking product epitomizes this goal.

  • For those associated with the operation or maintenance of PowlVac® equipment, OnBoard Racking® is the optimal safety solution in maximizing operational productivity and process uptime due to the remote interface capability to the equipment and the time efficiency of the automated process.

    Using a password and simple keystrokes, along with the integrated electrical, mechanical and logical interlocks, breaker operations are now able to be performed safely from a local lanyard or at any networked location.

  • A robust DC motor engineered into a standard PowlVac® breaker, along with sensing devices within the breaker cell, all collaborate to allow breaker functions to occur while personnel remain outside the calculated arc flash boundaries of the equipment.

  • PowlVac® breakers equipped with the OnBoard Racking® system offer the unique ability to communicate breaker status to a remote location for safe breaker operation. Utilize Modbus RS485 communications to a local/remote HMI or by using the hand-held controller, to perform breaker operations with more peace of mind.

  • The OnBoard Racking® feature is unique to PowlVac® Metal-Clad Switchgear. Since our design incorporates a front connected control umbilical, control power remains connected during the rack-in or rack-out process. Other industry designs that use a rear automatic connection do not have control power to the circuit breaker during the racking process.
    The OnBoard Racking feature can be incorporated into existing PowlVac equipment and Powell manage the process for you. Contact us today to discuss adding this important safety feature to your equipment.

  • OnBoard Racking® is designed for installation in 1H or 2H PowlVac® medium voltage switchgear with the following ratings for both 5kV and 15kV, AR and non-AR designs up to 63kA interrupting. The PowlVac 38kV was tested to 2000A.

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