Non-Segregated Phase
  • Non-segregated phase bus duct is available for voltages ranging from 600V through 38kV with ampere ratings up to 6000 Amps. Non-segregated phase bus has all phase conductors in a common enclosure with an air space between phases. There are no metallic barriers between phase conductors of adjacent phases. Conductors are mounted on custom molded fiberglass-reinforced polyester blocks or on post insulators.

  • Typical applications include connections between transformers and switchgears, tie connections between motor control centers and large motors, and as the main generator lead for small generators.

  • Aluminum enclosures are standard for Powell. Mild steel and stainless steel enclosures are available to meet a variety of environmental requirements. Outdoor housings are weatherproof with gasketed and peaked top covers, screened breathers, and heaters for control of condensation. The standard finish color is ANSI 61 gray, but special colors can be provided to match connected equipment.

  • With a long history rich in product, design, and manufacturing expertise, as well as proven quality of thousands of installations throughout the US and worldwide, Powell is the world’s foremost producer of custom designed bus systems and can be counted on to provide a fully integrated, totally coordinated system of the highest quality and reliability.
    Powell Non-segregated Phase Bus Duct has been largely used and applied for large scale projects for Offshore and Control Rooms.

  • The Powell Team is dedicated to supplying an entire portfolio of bus duct products to meet the specific needs of your application and to ensure that customers and end users receive equipment that is of the highest quality and reliability. Our technical staff is ready and available for consultation to establish the final product configuration that will conform to your most specialized needs.

    • Current: 600 through 6,000 Amps
    • Voltage: Up to 35,000 Volts.
    • Insulation levels (BIL): 60kV, 95kV, and 110kV

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