Mobile Solutions
  • At Powell we are in the problem solving business. We are at our best when customers approach us with unique problems. We were the first to introduce the PCR® concept with an integrated package assembled and tested and then delivered to the jobsite.
    The problem of mobility has presented itself in various forms and from various customers. In some cases access was the issue, while in others it was a case of the need for a temporary and moveable solution.
    Powell can work with you on the specific needs of your project, to provide our Power Control Room concept constructed on a trailer platform to provide both ease of movement and compliance for over-the-road transport. Contact us to discuss your needs.

  • Over time Powell has seen a variety of customer needs for mobile solutions. The most common is a portable distribution substation generally including an environmentally controlled enclosure with medium voltage ANSI switchgear. These have at times included plug type power cable connections and other ancillary equipment such as relay panels or communications systems.
    Other requests have included high voltage isolation switches, transformers, capacitor banks and other power systems equipment that was needed in a mobile format.

  • Classic construction involves one or more air-ride tractor trailers with the solution permanently mounted. Your specifications can dictate the robust level of design. Solutions that require movement often need to be constructed to withstand the rigors of transport. Solutions that are designed to simplify access can be less robust since they are often moved into position and then left almost as a permanent installation.
    We have the experience to help you decide.

  • The concept of a mobile solution is more than simply mounting equipment on a moveable platform. Powell's experience at both the design and construction of the electrical equipment along with decades of experience with the severe duty equipment undergoes during transport translates to a knowledge driven solution that will deliver a worry and trouble-free answer.

  • When an Integrated Packaged Solution is involved, Powell Project Management demonstrates its value.
    At Powell we realize we are but one link in your much larger project plan. Our expertise extends to managing the needs and requirements of the integrated solutions we have provided for more than 50 years. We take on the responsibility of making certain that the solution your receive is designed to your needs, incorporates not only the systems we provide but those you provide from other sources, is fully integrated and interconnected, meets codes and standards, is prepared for shipment with proper care, and is delivered according to instructions.
    Powell Delivers more than equipment, we deliver a solution with a process with the intent of making your life easy.

  • Powell Mobile Solutions are a perfect example of the custom engineered concept that describes the Powell solution. Our objective is, and has always been, to be a resource for our customers. We want to see things through your eyes and help you by designing and delivering a solution that meets your needs exactly.

    Typical examples of Mobile Solutions are a completely integrated and fully functional distribution system for peaker generators that were used for temporary power delivery and a completely mobile medium voltage capacitor bank that was used seasonally by a large utility to support the power needs in one area in the summer and another during the winter months.

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