Medium Voltage MCC
  • ​Powell medium voltage motor control is available with a variety of combinations so that the end user can satisfy specific job requirements. Available in both one-high and two-high construction and with a starter types including multi-speed, auto-transformer reduced voltage, reversing or simply full-voltage non reversing.

  • ​Powell medium voltage motor control is applicable for any industry application where motors are used above 600V. This includes oil and gas production facilities, refineries, petrochemical processes, pulp and paper, mining, metals fabrication, and any other heavy industrial facility.

    These assemblies can combine any type of motor starting and control requirement into a single lineup and fed by a single main bus. These assemblies can also be close coupled to your medium voltage switchgear for ease of installation and to facilitate interconnection between units.

  • ​Powell medium voltage motor control can be designed as single front or can be mounted back-to-back in order to maximize the use of available floor space. Contactors are available in two sizes; 400A (360A enclosed rating) and 800A (760A enclosed rating). Up to 760A of connected load can be accommodated in a single vertical structure. Power load cable can be connected from the front.

  • ​Since medium voltage motor control often receives incoming power from medium voltage switchgear, Powell can easily design and facilitate the physical mounting of the equipment for ease of installation. If both assemblies are mounted in a Power Control Room (PCR® or PCR-R®) then simply let Powell take on all the integration responsibility.

  • ​Whenever your project incorporates more than a single product or assembly Powell can remove the burden of coordination and schedule by handling the complete Project Management function. Our trained and highly skilled project managers are ready to make your project go smoothly from concept to start up.

  • ​Construction Voltage Rating​ Contactor Current Rating​ Interrupting Rating​
    ​1-High ​Up to 7.2kV ​360A (enclosed) ​50kA
    ​2-High ​​Up to 7.2kV ​​360A/360A (enclosed) ​50kA
    ​1-High ​​Up to 7.2kV ​​720A (enclosed) ​50kA

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