Low Voltage Switchgear
  • Our low voltage switchgear is completely designed and engineered by Powell using circuit breakers from a variety of manufacturers. We recognized years ago that when customers are installing a distribution solution including medium voltage switchgear, then low voltage switchgear is often required as well. To provide the greatest value for our customers we realized that the packaging of these systems was best performed by one company.

  • Powell's low voltage switchgear is metal-enclosed and drawout and contains air circuit breakers, high interrupting switchgear suitable for industrial and utility electrical distribution systems. It is designed and tested for use on 600V rated electrical distribution systems.

  • Powell's low voltage switchgear consists of a single vertical, dead front, grounded metal enclosure which houses the circuit breaker and all live parts.

    Based on feeder continuous current rating, up to 4 circuit breakers may be mounted in a single vertical section. Cubicle width depends upon the circuit breaker manufacturer and the continuous current rating (24", 32", 34", and 40" wide designs).

  • Since low voltage motor control is often included in projects with low voltage switchgear, the LV MCC can often be close coupled to the switchgear and may be mounted front sided or back-to-back.
    When these products are incorporated into an integrated Power Control Room package, the installation orientation will be configured so as to provide the best use of space possible. The continuity of engineering design is of high value to you as the end user so that all equipment works seamlessly together as the best possible solution.

  • The low voltage products, including the low voltage switchgear, are often the last ratings to be determined and often change as the project progresses. At Powell our Project Management team can assist you as these changes occur and make certain that the design is altered as you specify.
    Our goal is the same as yours. To have the Powell solution arrive on the jobsite complete and ready for installation so that your project schedule can be maintained.

  • Continuous Current​ Interrupting Rating​
    Cubicle Width (Inches)​
    ​800A ​50kA, 65kA. 85kA ​24, 32, or 34
    ​1600A ​50kA, 65kA, 85kA 24, 32, or 34
    ​2000A ​65kA, 85kA 24, 32, or 34
    ​3200A ​65kA, 85kA 24, 32, or 34
    ​4000A ​85kA 32 or ​34
    ​5000A ​85kA ​32, 34, or 40

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