Low Voltage MCC
  • While low voltage MCC is a relatively simple part of your solution, it can present unique challenges. The low voltage end of the distribution system is often the last to be resolved and finalized and therefore often incurs changes in the last period of production.
    At Powell we know that any delay, irrespective of size, takes effort and energy that could be better spent on commissioning and start up detail. As a result, Powell has developed a program with Eaton. We take on the responsibility of configuration and produce all the engineering drawings. This allows us the ability to quickly respond to change requests and offers you the peace of mind that little things will not become big problems.

  • Low Voltage Motor Control Centers are the most commodity of all electrical distribution systems, but at the same time are a key element to the proper operation of your facility. Powell Project Managers and Production Engineers are versed in the design and proper application of LV MCC and can be a great resource for you to make certain that the complete solution that arrives at the jobsite will do the intended job.
    We purposely developed a program with Eaton so that the structures arrive at Powell but that we engineer the centers and wire the individual starter units. With this approach we can see how this equipment fits into your overall project and we can make changes throughout the job and still deliver to you what you expect from Powell, a quality job delivered on-time.

  • The "skeleton" programs we have with Eaton has them deliver the vertical structures and unwired starter units to Powell. Here at our factory we determine the most efficient arrangement, we wire the individual units and reconfigure them if necessary. With the volume of these included in most jobs we react to your needs and keep the documentation up-to-date so that you know what you have and that it will perform as you need even when multiple changes occur.

  • Part of the "one stop shop" value that Powell offers to include the entire spectrum of equipment for your project from top to bottom. Look at any one of the many Power Control Room integrated packages on our shop floor and the majority of them will include Low Voltage MCC.
    Low voltage and small in use of power, but a key element to the effective functioning of your plant or facility. We understand that and have designed a project process to make certain you get what you need, when you need it.

  • Customer loyalty is something we value and the expertise of our Project Management team provides you a seamless experience. Acting as the single point of contact so that your interaction with our organization regarding your project is a simple one throughout the order cycle.
    At Powell, project management is a key element in our solution. We can say without hesitation that Powell Delivers.

  • Freedom 2100 Skeleton Program ​ ​ ​
    Bus Ratings ​Horizontal Bus 3200A maximum Vertical Bus 1200A maximum​ ​Bracing - 65kAIC to 100kAIC
    Structure ​Depth - 16 inch or 21 inch ​Optional automatic unit shutters
    Units ​600HP maximum at 480V ​Current capacity to 400A

Technical Brief
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