Low Voltage Arc Resistant
  • As a leading authority of arc resistant technology, Powell has expanded the boundaries of what is available to our end users to better protect facilities and equipment while providing improved personnel safety by offering Type 2 and Type 2B arc resistant low voltage metal-enclosed switchgear. The products are fully third-party tested to ANSI C37.20.7 at the KEMA Powertest facilities with the test witnessed by UL as the certifying authority.

  • Powell was the first US manufacturer to offer arc-resistant technology on metal-clad switchgear in the early 1990’s. Quickly we realized that if operator and equipment safety was the objective, then arc-resistant technology must be applied to low voltage metal enclosed switchgear as well.
    On most integrated and packaged switchgear substation projects there is the need for both medium and low voltage switchgear. With Powell as your partner we can provide the highest reliability and the greatest level of protection in the industry.

  • Powell low voltage arc-resistant switchgear is available as Type 2 and Type 2B construction for all continuous current ratings. Up to four feeder circuit breakers can be provided and main bus current capacity up to 5000A and 85kA is certified.

    Powell can incorporate circuit breakers from a variety of manufacturers including Eaton, Siemens and GE so that your facility can take advantage of existing maintenance experience and spare part stores.

  • Powell is the leader is arc-resistant technology and was the first North American manufacturer to push the arc-resistant down to low voltage switchgear. An arc flash is detrimental irrespective of whether it occurs at 15kV or 480V.
    At Powell, Powered by Safety is more than just a phrase, it is a culture. Our job is to provide you the customer with safer choices in your equipment selection. We think we meet that goal.

  • There is a reason why we have loyal customers. We have the expertise to make sure that this piece of your project goes smoothly. The objective of our professional Project Management team is make your life easier. Acting as a single point of contact they provide you a consistant source of information.

    At Powell, project management is a key element in our solution. We want you to have a seamless experience. We can say without hesitation that Powell Delivers.

  • Continuous Current​ Interrupting Rating​
    Cubicle Width (Inches)​
    ​800A ​50kA, 65kA. 85kA ​24 or 34
    ​1600A ​50kA, 65kA, 85kA ​24 or 34
    ​2000A ​65kA, 85kA ​24 or 34
    ​3200A ​65kA, 85kA ​24 or 34
    ​4000A ​85kA ​34
    ​5000A ​85kA ​34

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