Lift Devices
  • Transport and lifting device designed to aid in the removal of circuit breakers and roll-out assemblies from the upper compartment in two-high construction switchgear. Four variations are available depending upon the combination of products included in your project.
    Powell works to make sure that, when possible, accessories can serve a dual purpose. We recognize that items such as lift devices are a challenge to store. Part of our value proposition is to take care of small details and make your life easier.

  • ​Four variations are available including:

    • Standard unit will lift circuit breakers only and requires 5 feet of aisle space in front of the switchgear.
    • GT unit will lift circuit breaker and manual ground and test device. Requires 5’6” of aisle space in front of the switchgear.
    • Floor unit will move circuit breakers, and manual ground and test devices between the upper compartment and the floor. Requires 5’9” of aisle space in front of the switchgear and is the preferred truck when space is available.
    • Combination unit will lift circuit breakers and MVMCC contactors for applications that have both product types. Requires 5’9” of aisle space in front of the switchgear.

  • ​The construction of all Powell Lift Trucks is to provide a heavy-duty construction with a lifting load well within the needs of extracting and moving circuit breakers and facilitating withdrawal and insertion into the circuit breaker cell. Combined with this goal is the safety of operations personnel.

    A circuit breaker or MV contactor weighs several hundred pounds and can be a safety risk when elevated. This risks stems from the potential fall of the breaker from an elevated position if not secured properly or the toppling of the lifting device itself when carry a circuit breaker. The thought behind our designs is to minimize these risks and provide your employees the safest possible work environment.

  • ​Since medium voltage motor control is often included in projects that have medium voltage switchgear Powell has a lift truck specifically designed to handle both the circuit breaker and the contactor so that only one lift device is required. Similarly a combination unit is available if you use Ground and Test Device along with your metal-clad switchgear. If your need only includes circuit breakers then a simpler device is available.

    At Powell we take integration seriously. You should have available what you need, but not any more than you need.

  • ​A Powell Lift Device can be incorporated into an existing equipment project. Powell will project manage the process for you. Contact us today to discuss adding this important safety feature to your equipment.

    If not included with your original project, they are readily available as an after market purchase. Our Sales and Project Management teams can research your original project and determine the exact device that will fit your installed equipment. Additionally they can discuss with you the available options so that you get the exact functionality your desire.


    ​Required Clearance Application​
    ​Standard Lift Device
    ​Lifts circuit breakers only 5 feet​
    GT Lift Device Lift circuit breaker and Manual G&T ​5 feet 6 inches
    ​Floor Lift Device ​Moves circuit breakers or Manual G&T from floor level to upper cell ​5 feet 9 inches
    ​Combination Unit ​Lifts circuit breaker of MVMCC contactor ​5 feet 9 inches

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