Interrupter - Load Break Switch
  • ​At Powell, our local in-house calibration capabilities facilitate a fast and efficient turnaround time for all
    equipment. Our skilled technicians receive, inspect, service, repair and return your instruments with a
    certificate of calibration.
    Calibration is an important routine necessary to maintain equipment. While there are many factors that
    could influence a measurement device, ruling out, out-of-tolerance equipment is a great first step in
    mitigating risk.

  • Load Interrupter Switchgear provides an easy method of providing a primary disconnect for electrical systems. These are especially appropriate for situations that do not require the circuit trip capability provided by a circuit breaker. While the power fuses can be coordinated to provide some zone protection there is no application of protective relays.
    Most commonly used as a primary disconnect for power transformers, manual isolation, or manual transfer to an alternate source of supply.

  • Load Break Switches are metal-enclosed construction and installed within a welded steel enclosure. They can be used with a main bus system so that one switch acts as a main and the others provide feeder type function. They can be engineered as fused or non-fused and a variety of power fuses are possible.
    A single switch or a line-up of several switches can be constructed for indoor use or enclosed within a NEMA 3R or Shelterform type enclosure.

  • Load Interrupter Switches can be integrally mounted within a metal-clad switchgear assembly. In this situation they are most often applied to provide an isolation function and may be used as non-load break. The exact custom engineered solution that you require can likely be accomplished. Please contact the Powell Sales team to discuss your need. It is rare that we cannot develop a solution to your concern.

  • Our Project Managers are ready and fully trained to discuss the integration or inclusion of any Powell product into your project. We understand the need for your schedule and our schedule to match. Our job is to ship your project to where it needs to go and have it arrive when you need it, complete and ready to go.
    If you have equipment shipping to the jobsite from other manufacturers that needs to coordinate with Powell shipments, consider having our Project Management scope expanded to include assisting you with the coordination of that material as well.

  • Interrupter - Load Break Switch
    ​Physical ​Visible blade position Fused or non fused​ Gasketed viewing window​
    ​Interlock ​Prevents enclosure door from opening when switch is closed ​or switch closure with door open
    ​Construction Standard or arc-resistant available, indoor or outdoor shelterform​ ​ ​

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