Intelligent Devices and Applications
  • As our dependency on reliable power continues to grow, so does Powell’s solution for power system management. Powell has embraced the advancements of the protective relay manufacturers and has created, tested, and implemented sophisticated systems based on end-user's varying power configurations, constraints and methodologies. No matter the complexity, we have the experience and know-how to ensure loads are managed efficiently from the right source, to the right source, at the right time.

    Our in-house relay test lab allows us to take advantage of custom logic testing prior to factory or field deployment. We stay on the cutting edge of this technology through a plethora of device manufacturers, protocols, and architectures.

  • Powell leverages the advancements of leading digital protective relays manufacturers by combining the relay functionality with Powell design and tested logic to provide safe and dependable operations for your distribution systems.
    Our systems provide:
    • Capability for automatic transfer between buses upon loss of healthy voltage
    • Overcurrent lock out feature to ensure that transfer to a faulted circuit is blocked
    • Ability to enable and disable automatic transfer via local control
    • Selectable automatic or manual retransfer to normal configuration

  • Everyday Powell deploys custom applications within off-the-shelf devices readily available in the market. As new features and new designs appear, we are often among the first to apply them and install them in the switchgear solutions we produce.
    We recognize that each project is unique and that is where our true value is demonstrated. The proper combination of protective and monitoring devices, combined with our in-depth power acumen, we can deliver to you the best practice solution for your project needs.

  • Our Intelligent Devices and Applications approach is a perfect demonstration of the Powell integration business model. We deliver solutions, not products. Our unified approach to engineering and the ultimate deliverable is what puts us above others in the industry.
    Not only can our custom configurations and programming provide you with the equipment actions you desire, but it can also be incorporated into a custom-engineered communication architecture. This overall comprehensive approach gains you the greatest value from your invested dollar.
    Call us today to discuss what we can do to make your investment really pay.

  • Hand in hand with the project concept of an integrated deliverable solution is our Project Management approach to your project. Projects can range from the simple to the highly complex but they all have one thing in common; the desire for project goals to be understood and met.
    Powell Project Management is the best in the industry. A single point of contact with visibility of everything from commercial to technical, all integrated into one schedule.

  • In today's fast changing environment, it is not reasonable to expect your in-house engineers to be up to date with all the power advancements happening in the marketplace. At Powell, we design and deliver hundreds of projects each year and have been doing so since 1947; it's our speciality.
    Let us be your resource for possibilities and capabilities. You bring the desired outcome and let us provide the solution.