Intelligent Devices and Applications
  • Powell continues to develop products for the benefit of our Customers.
    From environmental concerns to shipping concerns, our goal is to produce products promoting longevity for asset health.
    This product page depicts the first of these types of products currently available:  Shipping Data Logger (SDL)

  • Shipping Data Logger | Whatever the asset type, the Shipping Data Logger will collect the necesary data to determine if a shipment has been mishandled by the transportation company or stored improperly. 

  • Shipping Data LoggerThe Shipping Data Logger measures 4.1" Wide x 1" Deep x 1.3" High and weighing only 2oz and is therefore small enough to mount within any pertinent area of concern.  Mount to the shipment using either two 1/8" rivets through the baseplate moutning holes, or by using the foam-type adhesive backing.

  • Shipping Data Logger | Mount the Shipping Data Logger onto any asset steering clear of mechanical interface points, live electrical components, bolts or other hardware, door hinges and the like.  Be mindful of USB accessiblity and locate where flooding or other issues would not effect the device.

  •  Shipping Data Logger | Meticulous management of the asset shipment could direct risk and liability to the appropriate entity validiating warranty or insurance participation.

  • Shipping Data Logger - Curious about the variables effecting the safe shipment of an expensive asset? 
    The shipping data logger continuously collects temperature, humidity and shock data to validate the condition of an asset during shipment and storage.  A micro USB port on the logging unit allows for a quick download of the data to a .CSV file for easy evaluation utilizing the application software found on the SUPPORT Tab.

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