• HK: (Out of Production/Supported)  The product is not in production and does not have design or manufacturing support.  Service is available for maintenance and repair.

    The PowlVac HK replacement circuit breaker is a direct roll-in vacuum circuit breaker for an obsolete ITE HK air circuit breaker.

  • The HK replacement circuit breaker designed to physically and electrically replace the obsolete ITE HK switchgear breaker. When combined with a review and potential upgrade of the switchgear itself, this offers equipment life extension by replacing the most critical element in your switchgear system with breaker constructed with all new components. Appropriate for 5kV and 15kV applications:
    ​Applied Voltage Old MVA Rating​ New kAIC Rating​
    5kV​ ​250MVA/350MVA ​36kA/50kA
    1​5kV ​350MVA/500MVA/1000MVA 250kA/36kA/50kA

  • Powell medium voltage replacement circuit breakers are designed to fit into existing obsolete switchgear. Powell recognizes that there are many sections of this type of equipment in service around the world still functioning, still doing a great job for the facility. We also understand that it often does not make solid financial sense to replace the entire assembly, but that a simple life extension is needed. Our replacement circuit breakers do exactly that and at the same time can increase interrupting capability. All of our circuit breakers are constructed using new parts. No re-purposed or re-conditioned parts are ever used. You can be assured that when you roll these breakers into service that you have improved your situation and extended its life.

  • ​​Nothing is designed to be more integrated than a Powell direct replacement circuit breaker for your existing obsolete switchgear. Using all new components to provide the maximum in life extension, Powell replacement breakers are designed and manufactured with ease of installation in mind.

    Simple remove the existing circuit breaker and insert the replacement circuit breaker in its place. Nothing could be easier.

  • ​Powell replacement circuit breakers are designed to match exactly the physical and electrical characteristics of your in-service obsolete circuit breaker. Our Project Mangers are trained to guide you through the process to make certain that the transition from old to new is a seamless one for your facility. In most cases the replacement breaker can be provided without the need of a field visit by Powell technicians. Your site operators can often provide the detail of installed control circuits and interlocks which may vary from one installation to another. But, if necessary for proper design or simply for your peace of mind, Powell can visit your facility and gather the required information.

    Either way, you are assured of a solution that not only extends the life of your equipment, but a process that is worry-free.

    (kV)​ ​
    ​ Interrupting
    Rating​ ​
    Continuous Current Rating​ ​ ​
    ​1200A 2000A​ ​3000A
    ​5 ​36 ​250 ​● ​●
    ​5 50​ ​350 ​● ●​
    ​15 ​25 ​500 ​● ​●
    ​15 ​36 ​750 ​● ​●
    ​15 ​50 ​1000 ​● ​●

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