DC Switchgear
  • Powell DC Switchgear is most commonly utilized on light rail and transit applications. We use the Hawker-Siddeley NDC circuit breaker in a switchgear assembly designed, built and tested by Powell. Please contact us to explore the available options for your specific installation. Should you have other DC applications in your process we are more than happy to discuss ratings and design possibilities.

  • Powell DC Switchgear incorporating the Hawker Siddeley NDC High Speed DC circuit breaker provides a reliable product with proven technology for application in your transit project. Building on the 80 year track record of DC design this switchgear solution offers optimal safety and the high speed performance you require.

  • Powell DC Switchgear delivers the proven technology and low maintenance requirements while providing the long service life needed for equipment of this type. Consider these key construction features:
    • Superior compact design concept with high speed operation
    • Direct overload and electrical tripping
    • Simple and reliable mechanism - no mechanical latch
    • Ergonomic, intuitive truck isolation and interlocking
    • Enhanced electrical and mechanical endurance
    • Patented arc transfer coil
    • Fully bi-directional current interruption
    • Hard-wearing silver tungsten carbide main contacts for long-life

  • Like most custom engineered solutions, Powell DC Switchgear is mostly commonly purchased as part of an integrated package such as a Traction Power Substation.
    Powell can deliver the greatest value and provide not just the acquisition of the needed products, but an integrated and interconnected combination of products perfectly suited for your application. These often include ANSI AC Metal-Clad Switchgear, or rectifiers that are included in Powell manufacturing capabilities, but also power transformers and other ancillary equipment needed to complete out your needs.
    At Powell our interest is delivering to you not just products, but an integrated solution. Contact us today and let us help you from concept to start up.

  • When an Integrated Packaged Solution is involved, Powell Project Management demonstrates its value.
    At Powell we realize we are but one link in your much larger project plan. Our expertise extends to managing the needs and requirements of the integrated solutions we have provided for more than 50 years. We take on the responsibility of making certain that the solution you receive is designed to your needs, incorporates not only the systems we provide but those you provide from other sources, is fully integrated and interconnected, meets codes and standards, is prepared for shipment with proper care, and is delivered according to instructions.
    Powell Delivers more than equipment, we deliver a solution with a process with the intent of making your life easy.

  • Ratings
    Rated Voltage (VDC) ​800V 1600V
    Rated Service Current (A) ​4000A/6000A/8000A ​4000A/6000A
    Power-Frequency Withstand Level (kV) ​9kV 9kV​
    Mechanical Endurance ​20,000 operations 20,000 operations​
    Breaking Characteristic ​High Speed High Speed​
    Rated Insulation Voltage (kV) 1.8kV​ 1.8kV​

Instruction Bulletin
Technical Brief
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