DC 600VDC-1600VDC
  • Powell has sole distribution rights for the Hawker Siddeley NDC Lightning circuit breaker in North America. This high speed DC cathode and feeder air circuit breaker is utilized in the Powell designed and tested DC switchgear for traction power and other applications requiring direct current.
    Another example of how Powell Delivers solutions for our customers.

  • The Powell Lightning DC circuit breaker combines proven technologies with award winning, patented magnetic actuator technology.  By incorporating the high speed NDC Circuit breaker, we provide a new and innovative DC switchgear solution for a variety of markets and demanding applications.

  • The Powell Lightning DC circuit breaker is a superior solution for your traction power needs.
    • Superior, proven Fit & Forget technology with minimal maintenance
    • A long service life designed to exceed 30 years
    • High speed operation, direct overload and electrical tripping
    • Simple, reliable mechanism with no mechanical latch
    • Ergonomic, intuitive truck isolation and interlocking
    • Enhanced electrical and mechanical endurance
    • Patented Arc transfer into arc chute
    • Compact design
    • Integrated operation with a wide range of protection relay options

  • The integrated pair of Powell DC switchgear and the Powell DC Lightning circuit breaker, when combined with the other necessary components that work together to make a Traction Power Substation, is the best solution available in the market today.
    Our integrated traction solutions are in service all over North America and around the world and are providing electrical power to run the premier light rail systems.
    Your project may involve a new installation, a retrofit to upgrade existing systems, or simple field modification of a single substation. Powell is ready with our trained field service and project managers to make sure your job is both technically correct but meets your schedule needs as well.

  • There is a reason why we have loyal customers. Working with Powell makes your life easier. We have the expertise to make sure that this piece of your project goes smoothly. Our professional Project Management team provides you a single point of contact so that you know exactly the status of your solution throughout the order cycle.

    At Powell, project management is a key element in our solution. We want you to have a seamless experience. We can say without hesitation that Powell Delivers.

  • Ratings
    Rated Voltage (VDC) ​800V 1600V
    Rated Service Current (A) ​4000A/6000A/8000A ​4000A/6000A
    Power-Frequency Withstand Level (kV) ​9kV 9kV​
    Mechanical Endurance ​20,000 operations 20,000 operations​
    Breaking Characteristic ​High Speed High Speed​
    Rated Insulation Voltage (kV) 1.8kV​ 1.8kV​

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