Control Valves & Instrumentation (ANSI/API)
  • Our full service valve shops provide major and minor repairs of all types of ANSI/API valves.  We hydrotest every valve, in accordance with ANSI/API 598 and customer specifications, with the ability to nitrogen test up to 10,000psi.  Our facility’s high bay is equipped with a 10-ton crane. We have the in-house capabilities to repair valves of all types and sizes, up to 42”.  We also have full welding and machine capabilities, providing a one stop repair and modification service center.

  • The repair of ANSI/API valves includes teardown, caustic cleaning and degreasing of all parts, re-assembly, testing, painting and the inspection test report for each valve. Along with repair, we offer welding and machining services. This includes flange build up and re-facing, gate build up, manufacturing of new stems and trim changes such as gate/globe/disc material overlay and back seat overlays, which are all machined to OEM specifications.

  • To reduce downtime of your on-site valves, we offer an exchange program that allows our customers to pre-order ANSI/API valves from our inventory. The exchange valves are re-certified and delivered prior to your shutdown or maintenance cycle so all you have to worry about is the removal and installation of your valves.

    Additionally, we have a rental program that provides you the option of renting a valve.  This is a great program for those that require a valve for a short term, whether it is a day, week or month, saving you the unplanned cost of a new valve.

    We also offer a wide range of additional programs, including the storage of your critical spares and an online documentation portal, which allows you access to your historic inspection reports. To help customize a program that will work for you, please contact us.

  • We have no limitations on whose valves we can service, we are able to repair and modify valves from over 600 manufacturers including: Lockwood, Summit Valve, KF Industries, M&J Pipeline Valves, Leser Valve and Cameron. We ensure OEM standards are upheld by providing manufacturer’s comprehensive training to our certified technicians.

  • Powell customers look to Powell to provide solutions whether the project is simple and straight-forward or complex with a long duration. The value that Powell brings to your project includes the needs and requirements to properly plan and execute all the necessary tasks from initial contact to in-service or any part thereof.

  • Powell is currently certified by:
    • Alberta Certificate of Recognition (COR)
    •  ISO 9001:2015
    •  Northeastern Alberta Aboriginal Business Association (NAABA)
    • LESER Authorized Repair Center
    • ABSA
      • ASVS-81 - Set & Service Pressure Relief Valves – Shop and Field
      • AQP-5117 – Construct, Repair & Alter Category C Fittings – Shop and Field
      • Attended Power Plant – 244 kW PSV Test Bench Steam Boiler
    • Technical Safety BC
      • Boiler and Pressure Vessel Contractor License
    • Technical Safety Authority of Saskatchewan
      • Setting and Servicing Pressure Relief Devices – ASME Section I, IV, VIII (Field Only)

    We work with the following vendor qualification sites:

    • CQN

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