Circuit Breaker Monitor (CBM)
  • Looking for an easy to use, reliable method to monitor your circuit breaker? Our Circuit Breaker Monitor (CBM) will help you shift to a predictive maintenance approach while improving your asset availability. By monitoring the mechanical, electrical and environmental parameters of your circuit breaker in real-time, you will be able to reduce your system downtime, create faster maintenance cycles, avoid unwanted faults, and maximize your equipment life, reliability and utilization.
    Our CBM uses advanced algorithms, analyzing past and present data to determine your equipment health, informing of potential faults or problems. Interfaced with our BreakerView software, you can further analyze data from your computer, as it offers intuitive data dashboards, alert management functions, maintenance reports and trending of data together with its baseline.
    CBM and BreakerView ensure a holistic view of your circuit breaker’s operating condition. This data has been proven valuable for sustaining uptime and reducing the overall cost of ownership.

  • Our Circuit Breaker Monitor (CBM) is installed inside your circuit breaker, acquiring all critical electrical control and mechanical operations. Our CBM will capture data, both past and present, and run advanced algorithms to determine the overall health of your breaker, while monitoring elements such as: operating coil condition, mechanism operation, environmental conditions, thermal status of primary conductors, trip/close timing, charging motor condition, and digital operation count. Paired with our BreakerView software, you will have an intuitive dashboard for data viewing and alerts, operation history, performance details and maintenance requirements. 

  • At Powell, we believe in making our equipment smart, more reliable and safer. Our Circuit Breaker Monitor does just that! Acting as an on-board computer for your circuit breaker, it collects valuable information and provides actionable feedback; CBM will ensure you feel confident in your decisions around usage and maintenance of your circuit breaker.

  • At Powell, we believe our customers should come first – so the benefits to you are our priority. Some of the operational benefits of our Circuit Breaker Monitor are:

    • Intuitive circuit breaker insight
    • Issue identification to improve maintenance routines
    • Reduction in system downtime
    • Improved safety and risk awareness
    • Failure prevention
    • Predictive and historical analysis

    Some examples of problems CBM can detect in the circuit breaker include: detect failing coils, mechanism mis-operation, overheating stabs, trip / close timing issues and charging motor faults.

  • Our Circuit Breaker Monitor (CBM) can easily integrate into a variety of systems. It can be networked into your existing upstream supervisory system, such as: SCADA, Electrical Control and Management Systems (ECMS), Power Management Systems (PMS) and Distributed Control Systems (DCS). Our CBM can communicate to remote systems utilizing its’ Infra-Red Interface Module (IRIM) and all your data is accessible locally from the USB port of the External Interface Module (EIM).

    Rated Voltage 110-240VAC/DC 50/60Hz
    Operating Temperature -40℃ to +70℃
    Shock & Vibration IEC 60068-2-6, 100K Shocks

    Trip Event 80-407V, 0-15A, 10kS/s, 100ms
    Close Event 80-407V, 0-15A, 10kS/s, 100ms
    Changing Event 80-407V, 0-15A, 60S/s, 15s

    -40℃ to +85℃
    RS485/Modbus USB Primary interface local diagnostics and data download - USB MiniB
    Infrared IMBit/s between Circuit Breaker and communication module

    Onboard Memory 2000 operations, 1 sample per 4 hours
    Enclosure Design Molded ABS/PC with silicone vibration dampers
    Weight 1 lb
    Dimensions 5.5"x4"x1.5"

​What is the proper position of hte IRIM to communicate with the CBM?
The IRIM must be mounted on the inside of the circuit breaker compartment​ door in the upper left hand corner aligned with the IR transmitter of the CBM.  There is a 20 degree admittance angle which is at its most restrictive placement when a breaker is racked out.  Rapid yellow flashing indicates the IRIM is not communicating with the CBM.
​What should I do if my breaker operates outside its parameters?
Refer to the alerts on the BreakerView software.​
​Why did my green light change color?
The external indicating light has 4 colors:
  • White (not illuminated)
  • no power
  • Green
  • healthy - slow pulse
  • Amber
  • warning - slow pulse
  • loss of communication - rapid pulse
  • Red
  • alarm - slow pulse
  • sofware updated mode - rapid pulse​
​Why is my amber light pulsing slowly?
The CBM has detected an issue.  This is caused it to raise a warning​.  Connect BreakerView to the CBM to view the warning.
​Why does the graph show a high voltage spike after trip or close?
This is normal behavior when the current flowing ​through the inductor is interrupted, such as a coil or motor.
The spike on the graph for close, trip, or charging is normal.
​Why is my green light pulsing slowly?
The CBM has detected NO issues with the breaker.  ​No action is needed.
​Why is the trip current elevated compared to the baseline?
This is caused by the trip coil operating while the spring charge ​motor is operating. 
The currents are summed by the sensor.