• Circuit breaker insight and analytics can help us make smart, cost effective decisions. Our BreakerView™ software, which is the human machine interface software of the Circuit Breaker Monitor™ (CBM) solution, can be used to help you visualize, analyze and monitor the overall condition of your circuit breakers. With real-time and historical data, our BreakerView software offers various dashboards, breaker conditions alert management, maintenance reports advising actions to be taken, and trending of operation data together with its performance baseline.
    BreakerView compiles and analyzes data received from our Circuit Breaker Monitor (CBM) ensuring that you have accurate and continuous access to key information, ultimately helping you to make better decisions around the usage and maintenance of you circuit breaker.

  • BreakerView™ offers easy to understand, visual dashboards, and other functionality accessible with the click of a mouse. It will become the hub for every important decision about your circuit breaker. Histograms of your circuit breaker’s health and all operational parameters recorded during operation are just some of the key metrics. Other details and information of your circuit breakers can now be stored in one location, details such as serial numbers, circuit breaker type and ratings, and compartment locations within power control room® (PCR) or substation.
    BreakerView allows you to manage your circuit breaker data and alerts, with functions such as alert acknowledgement, automatic report generation, action log creation and alert history. Along with maintenance reports generation and management, further data analysis can be achieved with supervision of critical data parameters and circuit breaker performance baseline and trending.

  • With our innovative approach to circuit breaker analysis, BreakerView™ provides deeper, more comprehensive insight of the data collected with the Circuit Breaker Monitor™ (CBM). Not only do we want to provide you the metrics to help make a smart decision, we have advanced algorithms to help with analyzing your past and present data. This makes you more aware of your circuit breaker health, potential faults and the actions needed to avoid them.

  • BreakerView™ can provide you a number of operational benefits, it is easy to use, collaborative, and utilizes real-time and historic data. The intuitive and user-friendly interface makes it simple to understand each dashboard, as well as manage alerts.  Predictive Maintenance is achievable with our maintenance report generation and detection of potential faults prior to failure, such as failing coils, inoperable mechanisms, charging motor faults, as well as trip and close timing issues. Utilizing software such as BreakerView, can help reduce your maintenance costs, prevent inadvertent failures, and reduce your downtime by providing proactive information to improve reliability and safety while operating the circuit breaker.

  • BreakerView™ can be installed on any computer, SCADA HMI or PMS/DCS HMI. The data may be retrieved remotely making your circuit breaker information available for 24/7 online monitoring, alerting and reporting. The data may also be retrieved manually through your Circuit Breaker Monitor USB port. BreakerView may also run online capturing data as it becomes available, stand-alone or integrated with another supervisory system such as SCADA,  ECMS/ PMS or, DCS.

    • PC with Intel Pentium 4 (equal or greater than 2.5 GHz), Pentium M (equal or greater than 1.5 GHz), Core, Core 2 processor or better; or AMD Athlon 64 or Turion 64 processor
    • 1 GB RAM required, 2 GB or more recommended
    • Microsoft Windows 7 any SP level (32 bit and 64 bit)

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