Breaker Modification 5kV-38kV
  • It is often possible to upgrade or add features to existing Powell circuit breakers. Depending upon the complexity of the installation, this can be accomplished either at your site or by returning the circuit breakers to a Powell service facility.

    To explore the requirements for your individual need, please contact our Service Division. The most helpful information when contacting us is the Job number which can be found on the master nameplate on the exterior or the switchgear assembly and the circuit breaker serial number which can be found on the rating nameplate mounted on the breaker front cover. These references will allow us to make certain of the needed parts and labor to complete the requested modifications.

  • Through the Powell circuit breaker modification services you can upgrade to handle increased interrupting rating or simply add features to your medium voltage circuit breakers such as OnBoard Racking, undervoltage trip, redundant trip coils or other similar changes.
    Powell supports all previous versions of our medium voltage circuit breakers. Contact us to develop a solution to your need.

  • Depending upon the jobsite and your specific requirements, modifying in-service circuit breakers can be accomplished in a way to minimize disruption to your processes. In many cases, parts and instructions can be sent to the field for your personnel to make the needed changes. Alternatively, Powell field service technicians can come to the field and modify circuit breakers on-site. Or in cases of extensive modifications, circuit breakers can be shipped to our factory for modification and returned to the field on a schedule basis to match your maintenance schedule.

  • The circuit breaker is the heart of the switchgear installation and often customers find themselves in need of of modification services in order to optimize the processes in place today. Powell recognized this possibility years ago and has incorporated this ability into our product. The modular approach and consistency of design facilitates the addition of optional features or replacement of parts. Contact us today so together we can help you optimize your equipment and keep it running at the peak of efficiency.

  • Do not hestitate from considering breaker modification. Our experienced project management staff can assist in the process of making field or factory changes to your installed equipment an easy one. We can improve your existing situation, including the timing of planned maintenance intervals or planned outages and make certain that the modification work is ready to go into service.
    Let Powell be a partner with your project. Simply said, we are here to help.

  • ​Voltage Rating Interrupting Rating Continuous Current Rating​ ​ ​
    ​1200A ​2000A ​3000A ​3500A ​4000A
    ​5kV ​36kA ​● ​● ​● ​●
    ​5kV ​50kA ​● ​● ​● ​●
    ​5kV ​63kA ​● ​● ​● ​●
    ​15kV ​25kA ​● ​● ​● ​●
    ​15kV ​36kA ​● ​● ​● ​●
    ​15kV ​50kA ​● ​● ​● ​●
    ​15kV ​63kA ​● ​● ​● ​●

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