Arc Resistant Medium Voltage MCC
  • Powell combines the latest vacuum contactor design and starter components with the maximum voltage, current, and interrupting rating with our arc resistant construction technology. This provides a unique opportunity to further enhance the safety of your facility and give you the maximum in protection for operators and personnel.

  • Our medium voltage arc resistant MCC design was completed with the end user in mind. It is designed to match our PowlVac® metal-clad switchgear. Adding a main circuit breaker or a main-tie-main arrangement does not require an additional transition section. In addition, our designs offer the following capabilities:

    • Front and Rear accessible
    • Fixed-mounted isolated switch and starter
    • FVR
    • FVNR
    • Multi-speed
    • Reduced voltage or soft starter capability

  • Powell's design exceeds control standards and includes:
    • Barriers between contactor compartment and horizontal main bus
    • Both main bus and ground bus supported and braced to 50kA switchgear standards
    • Main bus ampacity to 4000 Amperes with epoxy insulated bus bars with vinyl joint cover boots


    Powell offers the following configurations:

    • 1-High or 2-High - 400A contactor (360A enclosed)
    • 1-High - 800A contactor (720A enclosed)

  • Main circuit breakers are designed to match and line with our PowlVac® metal-clad switchgear. Adding them or main-tie-main arrangements does not require any transition sections.

  • Arc resistant medium voltage motor control is regularly close coupled to medium voltage metal-clad switchgear. Designing the assembly as one integral unit reduces the amount of coordination required between assemblies, saving time and money. An example of this would be a main-tie-main circuit breaker assembly for dual motor control lineups where multiple sources are involved.

  • ​Construction Voltage Rating​ Contactor Current Rating​ Interrupting Rating​
    ​1-High ​Up to 7.2kV ​360A (enclosed) ​50kA
    ​2-High ​​Up to 7.2kV ​​360A/360A (enclosed) ​50kA
    ​1-High ​​Up to 7.2kV ​​720A (enclosed) ​50kA

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