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Safety is a culture that runs through Powell in many directions. We work diligently to provide an environment for employees and visitors that is as safe as possible. We established a goal to have an incident rate less than one-half the industry average at every one of our facilities and we are very close to that goal. Every employee is a safety ambassador: they not only remind each other to maintain the highest standards of safety, but they also watch carefully to make sure visitors are operating in a safe manner. Every task is critical, but every task needs to be performed safely. We ask every visitor to our production environment to read, understand and acknowledge our safety rules.

Safety does not stop at the doors to our facility. Our field technicians have strict guidelines and operating procedures so that they not only prevent injury, but they also make sure that those scheduled to operate Powell equipment understand the interlocks and safety features and why they exist.
Safety is, and always has been, central to our beliefs. Safety for our employees and safety for our customers, these principles go hand-in-hand.

Our engineers have a consistent level of safety in production development and frequently question any design that may expose users to a potentially unsafe system. Labeling on equipment and drawings go the extra mile to make certain that voltage levels are known to any and all personnel. ​But that is not enough. Powell is the practice leader and has the most extensive scope of products with arc resistant technology on the market today. When controlling and distributing large amounts of electrical energy, problems can occur. In the event of these rare occurrences, Powell arc resistant equipment is designed to provide a safer environment which results in less injury and less collateral damage to adjacent equipment.