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The expertise of Powell includes extensive technical knowledge about the construction, operation and application of switchgear and electrical distribution systems. The greater the complexity of those systems, the greater value Powell can bring to your capital investment project. We have built our reputation on the ability to guide our customers like a partner through the maze of standards, best practices and efficient design. Our goal has always been to deliver what you need, when you need it and custom-engineered to your requirements.

Our goal is to simply be your preferred solutions provider when it comes to electrical distribution solutions. But we recognize that our value does not end at simply providing you with the most robust and optimized equipment possible, which we do. Our value extends to all the various items that touch your project in any way.

Those considerations may be related to standards, or physical limitations, ratings, logistics, engineering approval, regulations or local/regional certifications. Simply said, we solve our customers' toughest problems.
The first story of a two-story Power Control Room moves into a Texas refinery under existing pipe racks and between columns with only inches to spare.
The first of a two-story Power Control Room is set into place in the center of an existing refinery. Physical space limitations were a critical part of this design and identified from the outset.
The first of two pieces is loaded at the Powell Mosley facility in Houston, Texas. The next day, the second story was shipped and placed on top where the two were physically and electrically connected.
The problem? The customer needed mobile electrical distribution to ship with their peak power generation systems. The solution? Powell designed and manufactured a Power Control Room permanently mounted on a tractor trailer assembly.
At Powell, our technical expertise does not stop at electrical distribution or mechanical design. Here, a 450 ton module is moved utilizing a 96-wheel self-powered transport trailer so that the equipment arrives in perfect shape ready for commissioning.
Four large Power Control Rooms constructed as single piece integral units. The customer, located in the Far East, had direct ocean access to the jobsite. All four were shipped together on one ocean transport. The largest was over 140 feet in length.
An offshore module weighing almost 1000 tons is lifted by two cranes onto an ocean-going barge. This project included not only the electrical distribution switchgear, but also four turbine generators and generator control packages.
No project is too small and none is too large. This Power Control Room designed for application at a South American mining complex contained over 70 sections of medium voltage metal-clad switchgear and was split into four sections for shipping purposes.
A Powell PCR arrives safely at the jobsite and ready to be seated on a concrete pad or piers. Months prior the customer knew the exact location of connecting cable and interconnecting control circuits. Commissioning can be simply days away.
At Powell we believe that simply designing the electrical distribution system is not enough. Our job is not complete until the equipment is on site, installed, and ready for energization.
In the past 50 years Powell has coordinated thousands of projects. The list of items to consider is long and daunting, but with our help your project will go smooth, arrive on time and be ready to function as you expect.
Beginning in 2009, Powell had a manufacturing presence in Canada. The oil sands of Alberta present unique challenges, not the least which is weather. Our expertise in all areas of your project is a value you do not want to be without.
Size is just not an obstacle when you have Powell on the job. Here, employees prepare the slings and shackles needed to lift a module weighing almost 700 tons.