Type 298 MV Swgr
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Design Standards
  • IEC 62271-100  High Voltage AC Circuit Breakers
  • IEC 62271-200  AC Metal Enclosed Switchgear & Controlgear for Voltages to 52kV
  • IEC 60470  High Voltage AC Contactors & Contactor Based Motor Starters
  • IEC 60694  Common Specifications for High Voltage Switchgear & Controlgear Standards
Design Features
  • DB1 - one circuit breaker or fused contactor per cubicle
  • DB3 - three fused contactors per cubicle
  • Modular metal-clad construction
  • Rated up to 15kV and 4000A
  • All busbar ratings certified up to 50kA 3 seconds
  • Arc Fault Containment tested to IEC 60298 Annex AA up to 50kA 1 second
  • Basic Impulse Level (BIL) up to 95kV
  • Power Frequency Withstand up to 38kV 1 minute
  • Fully interlocked closed-door operation
  • Circuit breakers and contactors tested in Type 298 cubicle arrangements
  • Vacuum or SF6 circuit breakers
  • Up to IP42 external degree of protection
  • No busbar adaptation required between circuit breaker and contactor cubicles
  • Peak make currents up to 158kA
  • Asymmetrical switching DC components up to 100%
Arc Fault Containment

To provide maximum flexibility of selection to match system fault level and protection characteristics, S&I has carried out arc fault containment tests to two levels:

  • Level 1 - 25kA 1.0 second / 50kA 0.1 second
  • Level 2 - 50kA 1.0 second

Arc fault containment tests have been carried out at both levels in the main areas within the cubicle assembly:

  • Busbar Chamber
  • Circuit Breaker  / Contactor Chamber
  • Cable Termination Chamber

Tests have been carried out to prove Type 298's suitability for Accessibility Type A, as defined by Annex AA of IEC 60298 and all six specified test criteria have been met.

IEC 60298 Annex AA - Arc Fault Containment Test Criteria:

  • Doors, covers do not open
  • Parts which may cause hazard do not fly off
  • Arcing does not cause holes to develop
  • Vertical indicators do not ignite
  • Horizontal indicators do not ignite
  • Earthing connections remain effective

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